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Monday, September 21, 2015


'Houston TeXas goes to Hell for lying just like they would for stealing"
Homicide Suicides Widespread Sioux Nation
Still Don't Get It?
See Gov 1.01 if any person in the line of marshal law....
or why we painstakingly post for protection

To Bad IE and Politicians are Going to Swing from the nearest scrub Oak if the newspaper gets this information
Look What's On The Table!
It Must Be Serious The Sky-lamps are Signalling for 


Henry Cuellar Staff Threatens Recovering Comatose Vietnam Quadriplegic Combat Veteran at the Lytle Barber Shop
Framed and Hanging on The Wall
Barbra Phobia I Hope Dirty Harry Is Ok for The VA Teleconference with The United States Senate

I am sure glad 'Valero Smart Grid' did not turn off my alarm clock or Benton City Water turn off my water because I would be ripe for the meeting: 
Gun Smoke Still Smoking

Of course everything would of been alright if Fedex Covert Ops did not throw my $90,000.00 personal savings account check in the front field of dreams. 

The money was withdrawn for the Property next door with a small cabin and 6 Oil Producing wells that just needed a disabled veteran for fire guard - they pump sweet oil 24/7 and was the final offer before my neighborhood watch passed the responsibility to 456135816 expat went back overseas 2008.

Last week a man selling my copyrighted statelite pictures use to survey the property to me confirms and submerges any argument that we are not the Real McCoys. See Paul Ryan Buchman Wendy Davis Richard Perry Digital Signatures statement below.

See 15,000 gals fuel tank set a fire while two Combat Disabled Veteran evacuate the community ADA complaint and murder investigation Texas VC-15116768

VC-1511768 Leads to Texas Grand Larceny

Still Smoking


No!  This blog blows the hell out of Paul Ryan's 'free-rider theory' who has his digital signature in my pc and quantifies the 'Blazing the VA paperless Trail'

Happy Trails to Hell

Houston Se in going to Hell fast!
'Houston TeXas goes to Hell for lying just like they would for stealing"
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