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Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Everything is Broken" down to 1 Proposition 'Yellow Sky'

“Yellow Sky”
Data Miners Steal What Others Work For all Their Lives : is What this Movie Is All About
A Communist form of information collection that benefits and holds Texas Leadership in power by exploiting the people of the state.

Put You're Name On It And 
Ship It To FBI
Don't Hack Mine 

"Mama's don't Let your babies grow up to hackers"

The Federal Governments Primary Job is to insure equal access to information “Governments role in a free market economy is to apply policies and laws to insure that there is equal access to information, no monopolies ........”

This does not mean classified information belonging to law enforcement or Federal agencies some of which are known fraudsters reported to the appropriate authorities Yellow Sky Vol 111.2 10.25.2015 by still waiting on the DOJ sense 2007 and over 1/2 million U.S. Citizens died from 'In action' or no action.

These items were included in Volume 1 -12  If the FBI Got Them If Not We Have A Copy For You Review

X-Governor Rick Perry Famous last Words "I Don't Like Anything [Information] Leaving Texas (Rick Perry 2014)"

Take off for grammar or spelling is a grave error - Arrest The Known Suspects Today!

"Not the usual suspects who did no wrong"

by Ted Lavender Makes Corruption Smell Better
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