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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prosecute The VA To The Fullest Extent Of The Law I Have A Prosecuting Attorney That Needs To Go To Jail Jag

Belief is a Religion not a Medical Scientific Prognoses Pay the Claim Now The FBI is Involved 
You Also Tortured not a suspect but a credible Terrorist FBI informant, Victim and Witness - It's Not Ok!
"It is the Death Penalty for all those involved"
Breaks Right Foot Again See Texas Air Guard Accident 8 weeks after transfer from USAF to TANG Kerlly AFB Report Sgt Drops 1000 lb Tire on my Right Foot Wilford Hall Hospital - Hard Copy Records make my case a Malpractice Case and if you don't work my case that means that every
Veteran is receiving inadequate Care

Breaks Both Legs Jumping from Exploding Aircraft
"We an't Paying Veteran until we pay the Chinese Back (John Boehner) "We Already Paid the Chinese Back (O'Dell)"
100% Disabled 1996 -2014
Data Miners Year of Doom
Partially Disabled 1978 -1996
Service Connected Disabilities
Service Period 1974-1981
Ssgt G. N. O'Dell
Other Dates May Apply

Over $250,000.00 Back Payments
Plus Punitive Damages

4th C/P Exam No Records she asked "Which foot Is It?"
Both Feet
Partly Disabled 1978 100 % Disabled Since 1996
Discharge 1982 Other periods do apply
A United State Marshal To Accompany VET To Make Arrests of Employees SAT The Veterans Hospital
Marshal Law?
Let's See What A United States Marshall Says About 
it if not 
The United States Secret Service will Accompany a Quadriplegic Vietnam Service Connected To The Veterans Hospital who just the lost the use of his limbs again because of Malpractice and Data Manipulation
Watch Out Recovers and Moving On His Own Again 09:18 03.13.2016
Knows How To Makes An Appointment with the VA

They Will Make an Arrest Today and It is not Going To be the quadriplegic Vietnam Service Connected 456135816 - Bexar Co. Texas Sheriif's Took the complaints now we are going to arrest on criminal charges. Senator John Cornyn can Join Um as he is arrested for obstructing Justice

Right Leg Broken Again Removing a Tire for my Aircraft * weeks into the TANG still Under USAF Contract Neruothorphy both legs since 1978 Agent Orange

Atomic Veteran Goes Ballistic
Finds Paper While in a Coma

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