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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Knows What It Takes To Make An Appointment With The VA

Marshal Law?
Where Your VA Records Breached In 2006
Criminal Complaint 12- 04429 and Top Level 15-01097 Wilson Co Tx Pena DA in co-operation with the SAT FBI
VA Definition of Interpersonal

This veteran has two broken feet from jumping from an exploding aircraft
nobody looks at the feet or x-rays VA just mails me a note appointment is scheduled but should have already seen foot doctor PERIOD.
Are Any of your Friends Secret Service Agents?
Waiting for a U.S. Marshall Request To Make an Arrest At The Audi Murphy Advocate Office FAA Air-crash and The Frank Tejeda C/P Exam Clinic 5788 Eckhert Road San Antonio Tx 78240 
"A Culture of Hatred Has Developed and Dangerous to any Veteran"

See Terrorist Bombing Gulfport Auditory and Wilson County Texas Criminal Complaint 2012

It Is the simple things that make the VA Look Bad


The X-Files Witness Reporting and Texas Blocking Communications with the FBI
Fort Hood When dead Psychiatrist Can Tale No Tells the X-Files
( Wrong Psychiatrist Dr. Medina Dies and My Records Disappear )

UTSA Murders Off Campus 2008

Texas Yellow Sky Public Corruption Report

Merck-Medico-Texas Blue-cross Blue shield
 Medicare Fraud Reported to VA OIG and OIG
  Vet Reported on Death Bed $979,000.00
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