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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Domino Effect For Holding VA Claims

Cecila Each Time I Turn Around Someone  Else is in Place Framed and Hanging on The VA Wall
"Don't Be Anybodies Puppet (FBI.Gov Press Page)"

FAA342_1964 is tracked in Bandera Texas before the China Boeing 737 Bombing
See DHS Complaint Asked for Mexican Emigrant Green Visas By Border Control
Perhaps they will see the wisdom in their own words
 "We will leave you alone today!" August Las Vegas 1995. 45 Days Later The First Saudi Federal Building Blows right before my own Eyes 'It was like an earthquake dead bodies everywhere" but what did it look like ....

More Yeti to come
A Story of Soul and Way To See It
Lhasa Tibet November 1992
Brand New Boeing 737 Bombing Still not on The Terrorism Bombing List
Two United States Citizens Dead - Warden Appointed by the Powers of the President of the United States is Rendered No Aid. 

Communications Breakdown It's Always The Same Having A Nervous Breakdown I going Drive You Bastards Insane - FAA342_1964 did not volunteer for the job which is an honor and a privilege and a point of law FAA342_1964 is not a paid informant 
Appointed By The President of the United States I Am Doing My Job and Until every U.S. Citizens Under My Watch Family's Are Notified I Will Not Leave You Alone Today or Tomorrow!
 Fire James Clapper Today [Failed To Live Up To His Word] NSA It Not What They Do It's  when they Screw Up:
And They Did.

The Honorable Ms Lynch 04.05.2016 Her FAA342_1964 A Plainiff Under a Protective Order

The Great Barrier Reef Alpha Doe CEO TX Senator Zaffrini and Houston Se Obstruction of Terrorism Investigation and Torturing a Witnesses Appointed By The President(s) of the United States.

'Bane' Must Tell The Truth "When your Enemy Becomes Your Best Ally"

The Shawshank Redemption
To Penetrate the Obscure Jungle into the Light
I Write to Leon Panetta

“If the Secret Service [CIA] can find my house but Federal Express cannot, then why can’t they find Osama Bin Laden, who gets courier service each week?”

Positive Identification That The Picture I Received Was This Picture Modified
Skull Damage Unmistakably the Same

Twenty-four hours later he is dead

Rumsfeld Broke His little Arm Reaching In that 50 Year Old Pandora's Box.
Today - Somebody is Operating with Equipment not authorized by the Secretary of Defense? 

TOM CAT Pandora's Box
"We All Cried Torture" As They Tossed a political smoke bomb into our face by attacking Eric Holder The Attorney General of the United States.

"We All Cried Torture" as if we were talking about the enemies of the United States - False

I understand that the National Guard Bureau Is Now Part of These Electronic Warfare Operations (Pubic assimilation was made) . We support the DOD the National Guard is a part of the DOD: Inseparable, The Guard Is First To Be Called, First To Die in Harms Way........................
Three known targets with empirical evidence 2005-2009
October November and December 2012
DOD Public Domain Share And Share Alike
Merck The VA Killed Veterans

The Domino Effect For Holding VA Claims Look Below:

Secretary of State January 20, 2001 December 18, 2006 Donald H. Rumsfeld Illinois 

Secretary of State Gates Robert M. Gates Texas December 18, 2006 July 1, 2011 May 28 2011

Secretary of State Leon E. Panetta California July 1, 2011 February 27, 2013 

U.S. PSYOP forces are forbidden to target (i.e., attempt to change the opinions of) U.S. citizens at any time, in any location globally, or under any circumstances.[7] However, commanders may use PSYOP forces to provide public information to U.S. audiences during times of disaster or crisis. PSYOP includes Electronic Warfare that can target human beings at any distance!

On January 7, 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act with several redesignated titles within the Department of Defense. These changes included renaming the DDR&E as, once again, ASD(R&E).[2]

Alan R. Shaffer (Acting) Nov 21, 2007 – July 1, 2009 Robert M. Gates George W. Bush

Zachary J. Lemnios July 2, 2009 – January 7, 2011 Robert M. Gates Barack Obama 

Zachary J. Lemnios January 7, 2011 – November 30, 2012 Leon Panetta Barack Obama 

Zachary J. Lemnios (born February 21, 1955)[1] is an American scientist who formerly held the post of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E)), which used to be known as Director, Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E), in the United States Government. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 19, 2009, and sworn in as on July 2, 2009.[2]

On November 20, 2012 he was reported to have submitted his resignation letter to President Obama.[3] On November 30, 2012 he left Pentagon and joined IBM.

FAA 342 1964 Veteran 12,750 Mile Shot 
Osama bin Laden Left Eye
Confirmed By His Own Squadron TANG Aerospace
10.27.2013 18:20 Hours
"He Only had a Hayes Dollar To make It to next Wednesday"

Broken Lance A Couple of Cheap Tin Horns That Attack
Their Daddy's George H. W. Bush Own Protection
George Bush On The Way To Vegas 
Three FBI Agents laugh as they watch me as I try to enjoy breakfast at a Vegas coffee shop, then say, “We will leave you Alone – Today!” They had trailed me for years for whatever reason I still do not know. Maybe one day they will see the wisdom of their own words,“We will leave you Alone – Today!”  Little Pictures have Big Ears and Never never never forget

No Material, Documents or Information  Provide by Me Was Obtained 
In This Case To Make Plea by Any Means for Relief
The Information Is My Burden of Proof  Placed In The Hands of a Federal Judge not by me but as Retaliation Against Me for Doing the Right Thing!

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