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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Watches The Goose Step Before She Is Cooke

It is the simple things that makes things bad
Radio Hack 03.09.2016 00:30 Hours
"All Is Fair In Love And War"

Really? I will have mine well done!

Another of The Same Last Name Receives the Same Ticket

That What Senator Kirk Get's for Play with a Marked Deck of Cards
"Oh! Please Wyatt Earp Their Going Lynch Him (OK Corral)"
Both Terrorist Victims and Eye Witnesses
Criminal Charges Already Filed
"All Names Flagged on the Texas Failed Sharing Program Need to Be Removed"

Now I have to Call the United States Marshall To Make Another Arrest Again Because People Failed to Do The Right Thing. 

A&M Has Failed to Expunge a Ticket That Is Endangering Several Lives
Called Them Yesterday But They Just Don't Take To Reason

11:05 pm 03.17.2016 No response from United States Marshall to remove ticket they hung up the phone on this 'Ticket show Texas Victims of Crime Retaliation" and will not just go away somebody needs to take the ticket off the record.

A Freebie from me do something Monday 03.21.2016 so i don't have to raise it up into some very serious other matters. this is a job for the Texas United States Marshall and an easy one to fix but it is up to the Marshall's Office to do it.
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