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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wyatt Earp Knows the difference from a Chevy and A Dodge

OnStar Investigation by United States Senate -

Note Old Phone Number Reported The Phone Abuse of Citibank Retaliation
Reported To the Bank Examiner
And International Bank Examiner
Pay The Insurance Claims The FBI Can Sort Them Out Later GM New Adjuster ESIS 'No state limitations on these cases they are Federal "Aerospace Vehicular Homicide"
But in this case OnStar was reported within 24 months of the attack see The College Killing Fields and  the complaint is for continuous abuse not just one event see United States Investigative Committee Senator John Cornyn or just pay the Insurance damage claims.

Texas State Senate: 'We make decisions on who lives and who dies (Alpha Doe Texas State Senator Zaffirini)' –*The Texas Anti-Terrorism Task Force *TATF : "That's Right"

Texas State Sponsored Terrorism
Wyatt Earp Teams Up with Dr. Holiday 

Wyatt Earp: “I thought I told you to stay out of Dodge!”

Texas Terrorism Task Force: “Right Dr.?”

Dr. Gregory O’Dell: “No! This is a Chevy!”

Texas Yellow Sky Big Gun Down

Texas Anti-Terrorism Task Force: "Hey Doctor That Bad Blood is under the bridge and Forgotten - Right?" 

Dr. Gregory O’Dell : "No!" "Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law” which is the death penalty!

Wyatt Earp: “No Cow needs stealing but some men need killing” Texas common law!””

Dr. Gregory O’Dell: "We an’t written a book we are booking them in jail!" 

Wyatt Earp:  "Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law which is the death penalty!”

The victim Insured was never invited to the closed door collaborations and has always been protected by the Brady Act and now by an act of Congress the Nugent Act and has more protections than any member of the U.S. Senate or the Governor of Texas. You wrote the law and 456135816 won!

Don't believe it Just click your heals together three times 'VA Kerrville Texas Terrorism Victims Treatment 1998 Osama bin Laden, So they gave me a first class train ticket to Texas

Penetrating the Jungle Into the light
why my records were not matching the digital DEERs base. And Why This VA Case Is In The Jurisdiction of the FBI. Probably the first one in history!

The Path
On the first night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I strayed upon a beautiful fountain bubbling up from a small mound atop a hill in the
mid day sun.

I stood there gazing at the surge of rising sparkling bubbles breaching the mounds’ rim, spilling its crystalline icing over the hill top sand.

Thinking of my friends, I turned and called to them as they sat resting in a hollow out of the sun.
They stayed in the shade not wanting to come.

On the next night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I found a second fountain just as beautiful as the first and again called to my friends.

I could still see my friends squatting with their hats over their eyes and gave out a yell that echoed back off the canyon run.

They stayed in the shade not wanting to come.

On the third night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I scanned my own horizon realizing what I had been shown- All Must Walk The 
Path Alone!

I straightened my stance as loneliness cut to the bone, then walked a trail leading into the evening sun:
Never looking back to see if my friends had come, then
I Made A List of Those Missing and Dead For The FBI

Castroville Texas Chevrolet 
Photo By Mary Park Ranger Castroville Texas
When Coach Was First Class
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