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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Attended College Fort Sam Houston 1992

Ramblen Man My Right Foot That Was Operated On At The Audi Murphy Hospital
1998 Request for new C/P Exam VA Is In Default 
So Pay The Claim Today
VA records Shipment only go back to 1998
Don't Show Right Foot This Operation or Other Prior To All The Way Back 1979
They Stole The Information from a USBPORT-Key
Don't Show Other Locations Outside of Texas
Waiting for the Sun
Contacted Bexar County Homicide Reported 02.27.2016
Received OnStar Crash 826622 Add To Inventory

Who Ever Is Holding My VA Entitlements Today Are In Federal Violation of the Law Period Make Arrests Today
VA Electronic Malpractice
VA Accounting Medicine
Loco Motives
When Your Algebra Professor is a Moonlighting NASA Employee Langley AFB 

Makes 456135816 A Space Cowboy
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