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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Arrest U.S. Senator Cruz The illegal Exclusion By The Senate of U.S. Wardens

I Will Show You The Baby
Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th Sends An Aid to Do My Bidding [No Problem But Where Is My Money]

Where is 456135816 money today!
Received from the White House Administration
I Live In Texas So Please Have the FBI
Deliver My Money Before Texas Steal That Too!

Ryan Guillian Texas Is In Federal Violation of the Law
Arrest Today
I. Overview of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

1. Introduction
The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) is a small, independent, quasi-judicial agency organized for administrative purposes within the Department of Justice that has a high profile and important mission in FY 2014: distribute to U.S. victims of international terrorism monies paid to the United States by foreign governments. Currently, the FCSC is in the latter stages of a historically large program to award compensation to U.S. victims of Libyan terrorism in which the Congress has taken an unprecedented interest. 

Additionally, the Commission is preparing to conduct another claims program to distribute compensation to U.S. victims of Iraqi actions during the Saddam Hussein era (Iraq has already paid to the United States approximately $400 million to satisfy these claims). Depending on the movement of events internationally,
other, similar programs can be anticipated. 

The work of adjudicating claims and awarding compensation is necessarily labor-intensive, requiring legal and factual research on the part of Commission staff, and adjudicatory work by the members of the Commission. The vast majority of its budget is necessary for personnel costs (notwithstanding the fact that the FCSC’s budget request does not include a request for additional positions); the bulk of the remainder is for fixed costs including rent and guard service. Electronic copies of the Department of Justice’s Congressional Budget Justifications and Capital Asset Plan and Business Case exhibits can be viewed or downloaded from the Internet using this Internet address:

The operating expenses of the Commission ultimately are borne only partially, if at all, by the taxpayer. In virtually all instances, the legislation authorizing the adjudication of claims has provided for deduction of 5% of the funds obtained from foreign governments for payment of the Commission's awards. This amount is deposited to the credit of miscellaneous receipts in the United States Treasury to defray administrative expenses. The Commission understands that approximately $20 million has been so deposited into the Treasury from the funds obtained
under the Libya Claims Program alone.

The Commission is prepared to provide any further information about the background of the Commission, its existing programs, Congressional interest in these programs, and the basis to support this budget request.

To date, the Commission has administered and completed 45 international and war-related claims programs involving claims against 18 countries: Yugoslavia, Panama, Bulgaria,Hungary, Romania, Italy, the former Soviet Union, the former Czechoslovakia, Poland, Cuba,China, the former German Democratic Republic, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran, Albania, and the Federal Republic of Germany.
The Commission consists of a Chairman and two part-time Commissioners, who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate [The illegal Exclusion By The Senate of Wardens Appointed by the President Overseas such as 456-135816], as well as legal and non-legal secretariat staff.

The Chairman and the part-time Commissioners receive compensation at the Executive Level V
rate of pay for performance of official business of the Commission.

Add To List of Yellow Sky XII Received By FBI HQ
I already Did The Labor MERCK CASE Still Valid
1. 979000.79 Merck-Medico-Texas Blue Cross
Reported Fraud on Death Bed 10% as Bush Mandate
2. DOJ Reported Criminals That Killed Me Reward Are Do Quai-Quam but no legal because of Rick Perry Will Hurd
3. Never Received a Penny due The Full Payout 
From the Merck Case 2,500,000
4. BICE Hit on 456135816 See Columbus Sheriff's Department Report

What Happened When Rick Perry Blocked Legal Access
No Legal Access So In This Case The FBI or Secret Service Needs To Collect The Moneys Due 456135816
*Any Give The Money To 456135816

The Fallacy of Robotics
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