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Monday, April 11, 2016

No J. B. Books! This is for the 'e' Murder of Albert Garner

Sick of Ted Cruz Communist TV Jacking

piedras negras mexico Radio Free Texas
Robert E. Lee Post by Arctotraveler
" I Palmed the pamphlet from U.S. Senator Cornyn's Office under the Highest Surveillance Known to mankind" "Oh! Lord I didn't Steal Nothing half the Time I was putting in Something (What do You Do)?"

Post Ted Cruz De-seated from the United States Senate

When you best friend on Facebook is a Homicide Case and Terrorist Witness and Victim

Albert Garner 4410 Trailways Drive San Antonio Texas

The Cost of Endangering Censorship

They don't Censor what is bad taste or boring they target and censor those things criminals hide

We Got It All!

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