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Friday, April 1, 2016

DEA Ministries the Texas Church Texas Rangers Sing in The Same Choir

Texas DEA Ministries The Church 
That Practices Medicine 
Without a License See Campus Killing Fields
Merck Victims Seek Legal Representation Murder Attempt
Reported by FAA342_1964
OnStar Tristar BICE Aerospace Death Hunt

Texas DEA Body Count Goes into the 1000's EXCLUDING those 250,000
 Deaths By Merck
"The James Gang" The Faces Are The Same and Never Change We Know Them By Name and Listed for Arrest

Criminal Charges Have Been Filed by the Plaintiff 342_1964 for The The Arrest of Those That Committed These Murders

1500 Counts Reported To the FBI

"Take you're pill Maney It's Poison (John Wayne)"
Atascosa County 15-01097 Homicide Case 
in co-ordination with the FBI SAT 
San Antonio Police Department
  • Felony Electronic Triplicate DEA Prescription Theft
  • Military Attack on Elderly Women 
Military Attack on Elderly Women going to the mail Box To Get Green Cared Signed By Loretta Lynch United States Attorney General

"I'm Still Here You Bastards(Steve McQueen Papion)"

Tell Us All About Terrorism! 
The DOJ Has Not Acted To This Day
7 Years of Neglect

What The Hacker Retaliation Was All About

Some Things I Never Miss
U Can Calculate Attack Aircraft Speed, Altitude, and Distance with
A Simple Spark Plug Gage
Thank you VC15115894 Texas Attorney General Request Atascosa county Sheriff Texas Report 15-01097 

What The Retaliation is Really All About

The Lago Mining Company

We are Going To Build A Wall North of the 
Medina River To Keep The Grey Area Out
of Tejas [Texas]

"We have a right to be here no less than the trees and the stars (Indian Slave Hidden Poem in a church Wall)"
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