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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Kitty TOM Liable for Texas Homicides Suicides Grand Larceny
Trump Is Correct We Are All Seeing The Same Pattern of In Action by State and Federal Law-enforcement
Hello Killer Kitty
Pandora's Texas Covert Operations Center Point Electric
Texas Yellow Sky Covert Black Operations
Not To Big To Jail

DOJ 'We Have a triad form of government (Obama)' 
Make Um Pay Up and Put Them Behind Bars
Money To The Individual Texas Victims Not Texas Leadership To Rape The Victims Again
The Normal Pattern of Criminal Rapist
Surgically Remove Those Embedded In State and Federal Government Today
Murder is not a popular Vote

Lasered Eyes, Somatic Domain Rape, Polymorphic Viruses, You name it the Whole Gambit of Texas Sponsored Terror
VIOXX Greg Abbot and Clarence Thomas Still Walk About Freely
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