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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Takes The Train To Gun Hill

Texas Native Indigenous Tribe 'e' Murders
08:14 04.23.2016 FBI Multi-state Jurisdiction document  deleted at my end please remove at FBI end at the families request who is the author of this blog request.
Why Should Just Felon Hackers Have and the Investigative authority does not : Law Enforcement Document?
Hacker R.I.P.
Bane What Do You Do Nothing? Another UT Systems Shooting 04.13.2016 
Other Homicides and Amputation Breaches
04.15.2016 12:43 Pm Waiting for Homicide Record Lost in Harris County Texas Cold Case VC-15116768 Homicide Department Will Call Me Back. 09:35 04.19.2016 Houston Homicide of Harris County Texas Called Back Asked for more information gave the SS of the Victim and  gave the same listed on a Complaint to FBI HQ Washington, D.C. 01-14-2015.
Texas VC-15116758 Ties To The Campus Killing Fields 
04.18.2016 FAA342_1964 Called Back 12:45 PM
04.21.2016 High Noon
VA Denies Hearing Aids Believe it was Bexar County Police - We Take Demands Everyday!
Hospice Care after Abduction by a Federal Oil Inspector that Threatened to Kill Us All HHS Report of Abuse VC- 15116768 was abducted by force reported by sworn police officers and held as a Commodity, while hospice is for the Federal Oil Inspectors Dog. Forensics initial report IO08-03516 See Ken Paxton Fraud Report Sent to the FBI. 

Open This Case Permanently as a Homicide until the FBI finishes Investigation - Why? Texas Failed to Investigate. Forensics Report after Silver Alert of abduction found dead in Sea-brook Texas Harris County. 'Paralegal Cinderella Murder case' writes the will that extends over state lines into New Mexico which is the FBI Jurisdiction.
Contact the San Antonio FBI if You have additional Information

25,000 Texas Elderly Fear Retaliation and do not report but WE DID so make an arrests today

Congressman Pete Gallego for Caregivers and Elderly San Antonio and surrounding area Meets Town-hall 2011 Reports the situation to Washington D.C. HHS
QuickSliver Wars and Grand Larceny Texas Legislature Ryan Guillen's District
No Response from Texas Legislature Office or Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti's Office
Little Pete Found His Mother Dead
"If It takes me the rest of my life [FAA364_1964] time I am going to bring them in"
"The Saddle they Left Read C.B (Gun Hill movie)"
This an't No Movie
Another 'e' Homicide Reported To The FBI
Alamo SAT Texas Office Intake Walk-in
Texas Law Enforcement Does Not Investigate
Why make up an Ebola Scam when We Got A Big Problem With 'e' Murders
FEMA Should Kick-In

Texas Yellow Sky Complaint
Volume VII Gregory O'Dell FAA364_1964 who is the Plaintiff and Pressed Criminal Charges
Another Copy Sent To FBI HQ and The United States Attorney General

If local FBI don't have a copy of Volume 1- 12 Let me know right now
I DO You Have My Phone Number
"Pick-up Phone Knock On Doors"

Texas Army 1st Class Fort Sam Native Indian IVTERP
Denied Claims John Kerry Secretary of the United States State Is Responsible
To Contact FAA342_1964

04.14.2016 Boggy 12 o'clock High They Rode Me All Night Long
04.19.2016 12:45 hours Boggy In Violation After Protective Order
I had to draw YOU A PICTURE!
'Glass Ceiling Bio-Hazard' Number 12 Reported Payable Reward Not To exceed $500,00.00 per Report I stop Counting after 6 = 3,000,000.00
Retaliation Letter By Texas HHS is proof That FAA342_1964 Reported as per protocol
More Yeti to come from the High County
14,000 Feet Above Sea Level

Criminal Charges Were Filed by The Plaintiff Atascosa County Texas Sheriff' Office
See FBI Report When Police Fail or do Not Allow Access and you been to the Federal Judge
Knock on the FBI Door, don't Call Knock on that door! Gregory O'Dell the plaintiff filed Criminal Charges Recorded by FBI HQ. Complaint requested by Congress and FBI HQ. Gregory O'Dell the Plaintiff's  attorney is the FBI prosecuting Attorney. 
Dallas OCR "Oh those people know me they ain't going do nothing UTSA (Reference OCR Complaint After Giving Note On Copy of  Plaintiff Warden of the United States State Department Contact United Secret Service 2008. Plaintiff Gregory O'Dell is protected by the Brady Act "In the Line of Fire" and after an act of congress is also protected by the Nugent act that the plaintiff disagrees with for good reason)"
Please give me a status on the following Docket Numbers 
United States Department of Education
OCR 400 Maryland Ave. S.E.
Washington D.C. 20202-100 
United States Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave SW
Washington, DC 20202-0001
Tel: (202) 401-2000

'You cannot add-on or take away from the experience or what really happen'

But you can establish causation and we did file criminal charges, So 'Country Hick' Did FBI HQ DC The Plaintiff Gregory O'Dell FAA342_1964! After local Texas law Enforcement Failed act on those criminal charges or failed to see the unseen - 'e' murders are not invisible crimes or witch hunt they leave tar tracks of empirical evidence to the predators. 
Hand Written Notes Changes The Context

The Quick and The Dead

04.14.2016 Boggy 12 o'clock High They Rode Me All Night Long
04.19.2016 12:45 hours Boggy In Violation After Protective Order

Homicide Phone  Log DIKKASCC
Breaths Heavy like a pervert

One-Way Communication Kills
A Hack is a Hack is a Hack

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