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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wakes from Siesta During Fiesta To a familiar Sound

Why FEMA Must Act
Foreign Espionage 

There are Solutions

Easy answers to difficult questions

We forgave and forgot but they kept on stealing and killing. Still today they are stealing and killing?

Not your normal Political Pilferage but Grand Larceny and Multiple Homicides” We defined that to the FBI who has failed to act to this date 04.15.2016 Eric Holder Tried to act but was attacked by right wing extremist. We are counting on the Ms Lynch Administration to recover every dollar stolen comfort every family with murders, and give it back to the victims or survivors not to some Texas state agency to steal again see Texas Legislature Ryan Guillen and the Oil grand theft.  

“You cannot add-on or take away from the experience or what really happen”
But we can be more definitive "Texas Yellow Sky Vol. I -12 written under the worse hacking conditions, he who takes points off for format, spelling, and grammar is lost. 

Pick Up the Phone or Knock on my door
You Know Where we live
We are not going anywhere

How Serious is it?

FAA Material Witness Must Be Physically Present During any Investigation including the Merck BICE Attack. See the results Houston Se 100's of Civilian Deaths Helicopter Crash. Reopen the Value Jet Case. 

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