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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Excuse Me Triage Nurse I Have Been Waiting in Lobby Hosptial Open Wounds for 21 Months Now

1/2 the Budget and NSA failed 
Clapper Must Resign Now

Veterans Tortured After DEERS Encrypted Manipulation

Security firm involved in shooting of St Louis teen has history of lawsuits
The Guardian
Jon Swaine in New York 4 hrs ago

"The security company for which a St Louis police officer was working when he shot dead a black 18-year-old this week paid out tens of thousands of dollars to settle lawsuits over incidents involving other off-duty police officers working for it, according to the plaintiffs in those suits." Lawyers are afraid to take on the same cases in Texas - RICO Fears of Deadly retaliation.

Most of  my complaints are police working as Security Surveillance Companies Outside of Terrorist Threats, and we are witnesses and supporter of police who are fired for doing the right thing. The abuse is so bad it is like a FBI office that it has been going on for so long they accept it as a social norm probably because there are only 6,000 FBI agents they cannot police for the State of Texas. Cut to chase it like the abuse is happening in the closet of the FBI office and hidden from view when the guess arrive I apologize it is not the FBI, they do not have enough people to police Texas. What else can we do - Texas is a corrupt state.

Update 02/06/2013 Another Texas Helicopter Shooting Unnecessary Use Of Force You Might Be Next  - Yahoo! News via @YahooNews

I Am Not Questioning The Police or The U.S. Marshall's, Who Have A Job To Do and Did It! I Am Making A Statement "these same deadly aircraft along with at least one drone are used to terrorize innocent Texans!"
  Two Innocent People Shot Dead 
November 2012 Fleeing The Deadly Machines
Stalked Down Like Texas Wild Feral Hogs
Data Manipulation A Serious Problem
Used To Hold Office And Justify Budgets
Authorizes Orchestrates Unwarranted Searches and Seizures *****************************
Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists
By EILEEN SULLIVAN and MATT APUZZO | Associated Press – Wed, Oct 3, 2012.
If You Reported Stalking By U.S. Aircraft and Your Congressional / State Representatives Do Not Act - They are liable For Torture as per Geneva Convention in the High Court!
I did report it to Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, Texas State Representative Jose Alisdea, Texas Senator Carlos Uresti 
And Henry Cuellar Congressional Representative at these links and hard copy letter as well as local law Enforcement and FBI: ii Any Slanderous B.S. Story from Homeland Security Private Security Firms Is Invalid. Your Legislative Representatives can not hide behind a corrupt Homeland Security Agency falsified Intelligence Report! Thank you NY Sen. Schumer  "Put's The Fear of God In Private Contractors" iii Gang Stalking By Order of Texas Governor Rick Perry iv ************************************
To be fair in my case, the Texas office of OIG explained that they receive thousands of complaints and told me to resubmit my concerns to their office. Mailed today 02/12/2013.
These two pages reflect recorded court transcripts, eye witnesses report, confessions, and the recovery of billions of dollars - not one cent paid out to any of the victims known by me.   This case is a Texas Fusion Center Problem, reported in 2009 to Senator John Cornyn. Not one terrorist referral from Texas Fusion Centers in a decade; however, billions paid to watch and abuse innocent Texans.  Texas Fusion Centers is why governor Rick Perry is the longest serving governor in Texas used for political targeting and retaliation paid by federal funds. Think of the abuse of 1,000's of Texans, including Campus Shootings that would have never happened if this case was prosecuted in 2009! 
Today, many people still sit in Texas prisons innocent of crimes, by data supplied by Fusion Centers, put in place for one purpose - to protect us from terrorist attacks. This is a matter of National Security not a matter of the State of Texas and the information sharing is illegal to anyone unless authorized to have a "Need To Know." These people are screened, trained, and experts of Public Trust and should be trusted. Now, there is a case were have a crazed Police Officer - cop killer, using the same systems against itself, information that is a matter of National Security, but shared with the whole world? The Police do not "have a need to know" that is why we have the offices of the FBI and CIA. Be grateful for Patriots in America, who will help you bring this guy down without expectation of reward, monetary gain, or honors! 
What a shame that a person must disclose on the web to get the attention of the proper authorities. 
Don't Make Be Your Quality Assurance Program and send me another bogus letter, when I can fill a courtroom with witnesses to point there would be no room in court for spectators!
Texas Senator Carlos @Uresti Has Been Given An Opportunity to Correct This Problem - and I will assist and cooperate with any of his wishes.
G. N. O'Dell 02/12/2013
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