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Friday, October 24, 2014

What is Bush Meat How Does It associate Gov Rick Perry Ebola

Texas Get Out And Vote These 
'Commie Red Republicans'
 Out of Tejas
The Devine Texas Clan
250,000 Votes Strong

The World's Smallest Most Effective Electric Guitar 
Assimilates Faster than any known Electronic Device
 "Just as in human society, where reason promotes virtue, so too does it breed vice (O'Dell 2007)."

Diseases also take their toll on this primate species especially Ebola. Ebola causes sever cases of diarrhea that can, and does cause death. Ebola of a resent strain killed of 12 chimps in the Tai Forest of Cote d’ivoire. Most notably, this hardy primate will transfer to new areas once deforestation has taken it toll; however, groups are often caught in isolated pockets and can not retreat to another habitat (Inskipp).

The biggest threat to the survival of the chimpanzee is aggressive tendencies. Some chimpanzee’s carcasses have been noted to have been killed by leopards and lions; however, these are rare cases. 

Some cultures within its range still illegally hunt the chimp for bush meat. Others of this species are taken for laboratory experiments and the illegal animal trade.

But who am I to tell you how to live and I sure wish these Texas Bushmen would get out of my life and get their own! They get paid for hacking and plagerizing my work and yours!

A Sanskrit writer figured it out a long time ago and wrote down something like this “We are all connected by a cord so thin it cannot be seen and so strong it cannot be broken, to all things big and small.” If what he or she was saying is true, why do we need electronic devices that waste 75% of our day we could be enjoying in so many other ways …………………………

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