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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The CIA's Behavior is Concerning Greg Abbott and Which Brother Is It

Which of the Seven is a Turkey Farmer?
They Don't Know
So They Attack all
 "The Magnificent Seven"
Poultry Farmer Recognizes Murders at U.S. Post Office
See Open Aged Murder Case of My Uncle that Has An Association with Rick Perry
In comments of this blog page - "We are all tied together with a cord so small it can not be seen. So strong it cannot be broken - "A Band of Brothers""

Department of Homeland Lessons not learned 
Now Hackers Pay Price

How Many Lives Are Worth 
A Fist Full of Silver Dollars?
A Fist Full of Silver Dollars

The Disabled Community Knows Greg Abbott’s Apology is a cover for Abbott’s Federal Criminal Acts 
"Crimes against Texas Disabled Persons"
The GOP Communist Little Red Box

PLease disclose before the election what has been illegally kept from the people of Texas 552.324 Report Failure and corruption and 552.301 did not comply with the time period and any other assistance against retaliation which has been on-going as reported to the FBI.
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