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Monday, October 27, 2014

Filed Today Dallas OCR Do Not Fail Again Lives Depend ON YOU

Department of Homeland Security Wake Up!

Dallas OCR Do Not Fail Again Lives Depend ON YOU
First posted 08/31/2014
It is the case that a credible news sources 10/25/2014 Kens5 TV reported ‘TV Jacking ‘ or hacking whereas; the viewer(s) of one media device and it is best to stay with the common television as an example, do not view the same information as others. See my earlier complaints that date back with witnesses several years, that include suicides and homicides reported the San Antonio FBI. Laws that work where in place and have been modified , see subliminal messages on movie screens dating back 50 years, proven to cause dangerous behavior such as the suicides and homicides unknown to the subject viewing the movie screen. Monetary losses are a different concern, while loss of life is an immediate concern for all Unites States Citizens to participate by reporting terrorism, again not defined as the moot legal arguments that have failed-  some work others do not. An Australian medical company now making a claim  on a credible media source Kens 5 TV 10/25/2014 of restoring of human hearts removed from the body and keeping it alive for four hours, which  is a tweaked device that my father owns the patient right and the original device is proven to keep a heart alive after removal in a small shipping device that can ship anywhere by U.S. Postal Services and the heart will still be alive and recoverable because of his patient, who along with me as witness developed and made claim to patient rights the first kidney transplant holding device that made transplants possible today, his rights may or may not in legal sense noted above,  include his direct work of  the  well know heart pump machine that was developed to benefit mankind without any reward. My Father whose name is noted on several concerns including the thief of billions in white collar crime of mineral rights reported to the FBI also owns some 32 other live saving devices that are not just monetary loss by my father, but a causal link to the loss of life by the University of Texas the system of multiple complaints including the first applied process by Gregory O’Dell of the plating of  ceramics that other companies are using that revolutionized the way we store and save power with is a monetary loss and the least of my concern but it should be investigated because it links to other life saving devices that death is accountable to hackers, patient thieves, and systemic failure of law enforcement system that places everyone’s life in danger . see Reports Mention above

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And Can Hear A Boggy approaching 0505 08/31/2014

I Cannot step Foot on Any College or University in Texas
Even Teach a GED Class
Five Productions Studio Systems Blown Out By Texas Fusion Center and Well Over $30,000.00 In Software. Communications cut off from my associations who are professional actors, production techs, Engineers and content stolen in the millions  - Patient and copyrights 
But These Are Monetary Losses. When Texans Talk About Crimes Against Humanity

We are talking about genocide, manslaughter, Murder, Quicksilver Wars, Mineral Rights, Patient Rights, and Government Contracts Breached By The State of Texas. Fusion Centers, Once Called Governor Rick Perry 'Command and Control Centers' then spread across the U.S.A. as  Fusion Centers. After several Congressional investigations they were nothing more than hoodlums, thieves, and network of state Terrorist.

Many Texans working High Tech Jobs for Minimum Wage Sought Work Overseas.
In Italy they called me a 'Wetback'
Nobody attack me with Military Force
Remove The Lunatic Governor Rick Perry from Office
Before He Kills Again!
ITVERP Valid International Terrorism Claim
Against UT System and The Governor of Texas
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