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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The FBI Tip Page Is Not Safe 

Be Glad Somebody Said It

How Stupid Can They Be They Open Us Up For Terrorist Attacks 

Not Edited

Original Post 1647 10/30/2014 1. Dear FBI it protocol that call you and have over the last five register valid criminal
complaints against the state of Texas the last threat on or before October 31 2014 was met while I trying
to sleep and another helicopter fly over less than 6000 feet direction due west right over the top of my
house again by intent and if they used electronics or radionics I expect the whole Texas National Guard to be
grounded and the General brought before a military tribunals. It is no secret that the Governor of Texas
and Greg Abbott use not just federal funds by incorporated private security firms that include the CIA
who has yet to call me or resolve the attacks out of ignorance and greed. 

2. Please begin a criminal 
investigation of the threat I received from the Observatory at Texas A&M which may not be connected 
but the students bragged they were using the scope for clandestine proposes and I cannot give a date 
today because I am being hacked by the same private security firms that murder for hire and connect to 
George P. Bush. It matter to anyone who is elected Greg Abbott and George P. Bush have disqualified 
themselves by conspiracy against the United States 10/30/2014 Do not forward to the people that did 
these crimes they have history of deadly retaliation. I am a protected witness, informant, victims of 
several Terrorist acts of mass destruction just by fate both domestic and foreign. I did my constitutional
duty to you and fellow Americans it expect protection from your office End Report
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