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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Threat “Get a Room the Train Robbers” by the Train Robbers

 Information they Stole from You and Me

The United States Copyright Office Owes We over 50 Copyrights paid in full that including the abuse of Texas and Terrorism going back twenty years plus the writing on my “Big Chief Tablet and Number 4 Charcoal Pencil” to be hand press on an Ancient AB DICK Printer.

Every Single Book That Plagiarized Me
 You Will Pay The Price

The Train Illustration Was A Congressional Project
The Outcome of Global Economic Crisis Recovery for Non-insider Traders
Very Good Examples And I Have More

Data Miners Hackers Year of Doom

"You Can Bullshit Some of the People some of the time but you cannot Bullshit all the people all the time (Gene Autry)"

10/30/2014 1. Dear FBI it protocol that call you and have over the last five register valid criminal complaints against the state of Texas the last threat on or before October 31 2014 was met while I trying to sleep and another helicopter fly over less than 6000 feet direction due west right over the top of my house again by intent and if they used electronics or radionics I expect the whole Texas National to be grounded and the General brought before a military tribunals. It is no secret that the Governor of Texas and Greg Abbott use not just federal funds by incorporated private security firms that include the CIA who has yet to call me or resolve the attacks out of ignorance and greed. 2. Please begin a criminal investigation of the threat I received from the Observatory at Texas A&M which many not be connected but the students bragged they were using the scope for clandestine proposes and I cannot give a date today because I am being hacked by the same private security firms that murder for hire and connect to George P. Bush. It matter to anyone who is elected Greg Abbott and George P. Bush have disqualified themselves by conspiracy against the United States 10/30/2014 Do not forward to the people that did these crimes they have history of deadly retaliation. I am a protected witness, informant, victims of several Terrorist acts of mass destruction just by fate both domestic and foreign. I did my constitutional duty to you and fellow Americans it expect protection from your office End Report

Houston VA There is Problem Penalty Higher Punishment Personnel at VA Lied

I Am The Fly On The Wall
If you were a fly on the wall the Senate Story is Torture of U.S. Citizens not the enemy in the United States of America

First post 04/10/2014

G. O'Dell Due Millions Info led To Arrest Conviction and Death Several Terrorist

In Memory of Albert Garner 4410 Trail wood Drive San Antonio Texas. Al is remembered by all the great Rock Bands from San Antonio homeboys like Steve Earl, KISS, Rat, and the Rolling Stones you name ‘um - Al was there as a Promoter, Sound Expert, and Friend to all and even old Willie Nelson “The Luckenbach Texas Gang.” 

My fondest memory is when Al intervened between a member of the Rat band and Charlie Pride.  I believe if Al was not there that evening, Charlie Pride would have killed  the anonymous British musician.   

Senate Investigation after the Death of Osama bin Laden

Texas Private Security Firms

You Tried To Kill Our Dreamer

Texas Senator Cruz how is my case coming?

The End of Electronic Torture

Why Should I Just Sit Here When Perry Has All My Data and Gave It To Houston Se who Embedded Drug Trafficking Images in my P.C. and They Case My House and Tried To Kill Me (See FBI Not Me)

I Am Not Going To Let Tea Party RICO Perry Have Any Secrets He Needs To Be In Prison Today!

Why Should Just The Criminals Know

Then You Ask Questions Later Like 

Fort Hood?

Ted Cruz can be His Bunk Mate

We Don't Know What Happened? 

Maybe the Killer ate a Twinkie

"The Twinkie Defense (DOD)"

by Gregory O’Dell

I finally passed the chip

If you were a fly on the wall the Senate Story is Torture of U.S. Citizens not the enemy in the United States of America and about billions in white collar crime stolen by the Texas Tea Party from the rightful owners the real Elite of Texas.

The Tea Party

Death Threat Reported Today 

I of 2 targets 1 is Dead
OCR Failed To Act On A Valid Complaint
and People Died
Why Should Just The Criminals Know

Then You Ask Questions Later

We Don't Know What Happened? 

Maybe the Killer ate Christmas Cake and Cookies with the OCR

"The Christmas Defense (OCR)"

The hackers today show me the wrong date Perry signed RP08 before the 911 Attack

"The Tea Party They Saw It Coming"

And Profited Off of Terrorism!

Eight Congressional Hearings after I reported from the abuse not the information supplied. I am one - Gregory O’Dell and anyone associated with me, which includes the biggest oil find in the last 100 years. 

Senate investigators and CIA officials already are locked in a simmering dispute over competing claims of wrongdoing in the congressional investigation. Feinstein accuses the agency of improperly monitoring the computer use of Senate staffers and deleting files, undermining the Constitution's separation of powers. The CIA says the intelligence panel illegally accessed certain documents. The Justice Department is reviewing criminal complaints against both sides.

Scarlet “You're free Elisa” 

Elisa: “You mean I can walk down that road and go anywhere I want?” 

 Scarlet: “Yes Elisa! You can walk down road anywhere you Want! - "Gone with Wind" actual quote blocked from  people whose paycheck is waste of Texas State Funds - Not NSA!

If It Can Happen It Will Happen and Did Happen

Scarlet “You're free Gregory” 

Gregory: “You mean I can walk down that road and go anywhere I want?”

 Scarlet: “Yes Gregory! You can walk down road anywhere you Want! 

Gregory: I think I will walk all the way to the bank as soon as appropriations cuts my check.

There is nothing stopping the OCR from making an arrest Today even after you pay the victims. To stall another day to pay me the victim is a moot notion and what happens to criminals is up to the FBI - They are Supreme.

"Once criminal charges are filed in Texas it is like 1876 you cannot stop it." 

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