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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Veterans Administration May Join LawSuit Illegal Discovery Manipulation of Data Fraud

Honored To Serve My Country AgainThis time I need not pick up a rifle I picked up a pen"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

Texas Regclean Pro Class Action Lawsuit
(NaturalNews) A lawsuit filed against software firm Sammsoft alleges the computer company pulled the ultimate bait-and-switch by designing free software that exaggerated computer errors in order to trap users into buying the full product.

In his federal class-action suit, James LaGarde charged that Sammsoft's Advanced Registry Optimizer program dubiously embellished the existence and severity of supposed computer errors, all while performing a "free" search of his and other users' computers.

‘Class Criteria of Victims BSA Could Face Criminal Charges’

“The use and existence of classified equipment reserved by the DOD is breached each time these devices
are used by unauthorized personnel by evidence of surviving targets” Which makes these hackers a BSA 
target or why protecting victim’s privacy by identifying the class criteria of victims should concern BSA. 
BSA could face Criminal Charges of Retaliation and Data manipulation?"
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