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Saturday, July 26, 2014

To Be A Good Guy Who Owns This Ranch

 Who Owns This Ranch
The Perfect Watch

Border Control Ask My wife who has passed For A Green Card
 1993 Bandera Texas
New CCR DHS Complaint
Unknowingly and Unjustly

My Brother Becomes an FAA Target by the Clinton Administration

Guess Who Is Governor of Texas?
Congressman Henry Cuellar Writes New Stalking Law with George W. Bush

But Wait There Is More!

I Fly Back to Lockheed
Back To Canton China
1994 Go To This Link

There is Something This Cowboy Can Do

Original Post January 2014
Ghost Writers In The Sky

A Note From Gregory O'Dell The Good Guy

 "Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech, you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!"

Geopolitical Surveillance by 
The Texas Tea Party
Is Criminal See Statute Law

'Texas Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion is Treason Reported To DHS' 

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