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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whiskey ‘Digital River’ Take my Mind Hackers In System Now

Tip of the Tea Party Icebergs
Khoday v. Symantec Corp., et al.

‘Class Criteria of Victims BSA Could Face Criminal Charges’

“The use and existence of classified equipment reserved by the DOD is breached each time these devices
are used by unauthorized personnel by evidence of surviving targets” Which makes these hackers a BSA 
target or why protecting victim’s privacy by identifying the class criteria of victims should concern BSA. 
BSA could face Criminal Charges of Retaliation and Data manipulation?"

See Link: Billions White Collar Crime

BSA whistle blowers could come clean and get off with a light sentence, if the information leads to the arrest
and conviction of political ties to the Texas Tea Party and Fusion Centers already linked to Greg Abbott and Texas X-Governor Rick Perry. 

Every time the DOJ puts the pinch on the Tea Party; neoconservatives create a media deception such as the sudden appearance of displace immigrant families they hunted down with military weapons.

‘These early settlers met their needs by moving from one location to the next. Scarcities of food created by 
drought or seasonal climatic changes were resolved by moving away from poorer conditions.  Some regions
were more desirable, prolonging the stay.  Hunting gathering bands formed on choice differentiated hinterland providing a wider variety of resources of game, herbs and grain. The basic social patterns of these settlers were assumed by a clan leaders, or chiefs, ruling by consensus (O’Dell).’

South Central Texas Nueces Brush Country was once farmland and covers 100’s of hectors offered to anyone that want’s to farm in the United States.  The Nueces Watersheds are a solution to the controversy of what to with migrants by offering the opportunity to everyone. 

United Citizens will not farm because "We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)" Again offering solution to age old problems. By G. N. O’Dell 2014

Immigrant Families Displacement Solutions to Age Old Problems

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