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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where’s the Beef?

Where is the Beef?


O'Dell, Gregory N. "Manifesting the America Dream Pan American Railways Map." Map. San Antonio:
          Gregory  O'Dell, 2014. Print. 

 O'Dell, Gregory N. The Silver Bar Tribe Mission Alamo 'Before The First Shot Fired' 2013. Map Brush
          Country Museum 201 S. Stewart Cotulla, Texas 78014

They Stole my Map! 
Quarrie, W. F., ed. "Texas." The World Book Encyclopedia. 1965. Print. Nueces Watershed Edwards
         Aquifer Recharge Zone Dams Irrigation Lakes Rivers Ponds

Bibliography of The Hack
If They Steal It You Know It Is Good

Financial Decimation by Research Papers, Movie Scripts, Books, and other Copyrighted Material
 by Sri G. N. O'Dell: Let Me Quantify at this link:

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