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Friday, October 2, 2015

Chester Why Did You Stack-up So Much Firewood
Bohemian Garden President
Clinton Knows
'Clinton Is Looking Awfully Silly Walking Around with his own Knife.....

by The High Planes Drifter' 
Gunsmoke: James Arnesas Takes Out Another Hack   er
Still Smoking

Marshall Dillon: Chester Why Did You Stack-up So Much Firewood?

Chester: Well, [MC Stammer] winter was coming and that old stove pipe that extends outside the house shines in the Texas Tri-STAR Light .......

Dynamite and Laser Beams

Homicide Phone Log By Order of Texas Bexar County Homicide Department Has Become a Suicide Watch for Criminal Callers

2010: Unknown Caller, "Do you want your credit fix?
Youknowmyname, "No, there is an open FBI investigation concerning Somalians working within the Quicken Corporation. I will wait for the FBI to finish their investigation."

2015: Transworld Credit Target Reporting List Corp. Calls with a bogus report with RICO Texas Lawyer fees or why the Bush Admin Credit Card Act violates the 'Debtor Prison Law' a constitutional necessity that the Republican GOP forgot and what's worse Clinton Knows

Bust Them and Now you can cleanup my credit legally

'We an't writing a book We are booking them in the Atascosa County Jail"

Read the police reports of multiple threats by fire to scare me, "456135816 could not report the criminals within the establish time limits by law" but I did - punitive damages still apply - so the picture prompted to me is  real, real or perceived is a real threat

"One Act of Kindness Can Change The Whole World for the Better"

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