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Sunday, September 28, 2014

'They're Trying to Kill Us (John Boehner)!'

Did He Sober Up?
"We won't pay veterans compensation until we pay back the money we borrowed from the Chinese (Boehner)" 

Now he is saying, "They're Trying to Kill Us!" 

Some of Which Started Business with illegal Drugs Sales

250,000 Dead

Five [Correction] 747 Loaded Deadliest USA Chemical Attack 250,000 Dead Still Counting

Illegal FDA Sign Off

Senator Tea Party Ted Cruz is In

Violation of Federal Law

Merck Printed labels in Porto Rico before VIOXX Samples were approved. They Manufactured and loaded three 747 left running on ramp waiting for an illegal sign off prearranged by an FDA representative. The samples rose the mortality rate to a spike higher than any war since War World II.

Complete Details were sent to the Department of Justice and not one of compensation has been paid and the Federal Government pays out by Social Security and Medicare and offers no rehabilitation for victims
Who Pays?
We Did

The Witnesses, Victims, and Informants

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