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Saturday, September 13, 2014

To Sit on A Dirt Road in the shade of Mesquite Tree FBI will Respond By 9 24 2014

Chewing on a Mesquite Bean No Money To Buy Something To Eat
Six Years of Abuse placed on a Man That Produced 1000's of Jobs In San Antonio
Law Office of Paul Saddler
300 W. Main Street
Henderson, TX 75653

Discloses Attorney Client Privileges 
630 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78215
(210) 892-6216

Imagine you live in a country with a very repressive government. You attend a peaceful protest, but authorities find out, label you an enemy of the state and start targeting you and other activists. 
Or People that lived at your old address
Texas Private Security Firms Are Ba - Bankrupted 

I Am Not Turning Texas Blue
Look Closer and Read

The 'Occupy Your Own Property' set under a Mesquite tree is not the Same As Occupy Wall Street 2010 started in 2008 waiting for Law Enforcement who never showed up

Texas Private Security Firms Are Ba - Bankrupted 
We All Worked for Living Until you Took Money for False Intel

I Am Giving Statehood To Texas or Tejas

In 1965 They Drew The Same Line and Called It 'The Mexican Line'
Now That We Own All The Resources
They Tried To Exterminate Us After 245 Years of Oppression
Neonaziconservatives Taking What Does Not Belong To Them

Texas Governor Rick Perry Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott You Are Going To Prison you use the Koch Brothers Private Security Firms

Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech, you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!

Can You See Now How These men By Ignorance Or Intent - People Are Tortured in Servitude and Murder Everyday and it don't have To be that way if these idiots were removed from office today!

Dear Eric Holder DOJ Washington D.C.
Texas Governor Rick Perry Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott You Are Going To Prison you use the Koch Brothers Private Security Firms

End of Story FBI Make An Arrest Now
The Texas Tea Party Are Terrorist That Hacked The System
Classified If Any Disclosed To DOD

No Matter How You Twist It Each Count is Twenty-Five Years in Prison To Use These Devices on United States Citizens
Thanks for the Escort Home To The Atascosa County Line SAPD
The Whole Town of San Antonio Is Watching SAPD
I Am sure glad We Don't Talk Anymore In The Car
No Matter How You Twist It Each Count is Twenty-Five Years in Prison 

Known by the Abuse of Such Equipment

Who is going to tell the author of the essay that follows what you did him and how do you know who wrote it if there are six of us with the same biometric profile biologically

The Whale and The Western

This essay not authored by me or do I see anything wrong with it, it is a matter of court record and credible media sources George Bush’s secret Service overreacted and threatened my family. It is an essay of someone who believed in the web broadcasting of others that the 911 attack was ordered by President George Bush. This is not my work or do I know anything about the 911 attack other than Osama Bin laden attacked a Federal building in Saudi Arabia believed to be a copycat bombing of the Oklahoma bombing 6 years before the 911 attack. This is a matter of fact. What I don’t know I am not interested in because I do not have a ‘need to know’ I am not a 911 conspiracy theorist. I am a informant. victim and witness to three terrorist Bombings.

I am a potter whose shop was raided, swatted by the Texas Rangers,  used for neuron monitoring, denied benefits due me, total financial decimation, with death threats and allegations that you tried to kill me that may not be true. Oh emails and attacks from NSA asking me “Who ordered The Kill on Osama Bin Laden?” Computers don’t lie people do, and it pointed back to my blog and emails back and forth with Federal Government who I reported too………. Let Me Put It another way – How Can I Help You? I mean that!

Two way communication and you will find out that I am an American Patriot Sworn By Oath that did nothing but what the Secret Service told me to do take my brother to the hospital and reported all activities to law enforcement via OCR and Atascosa Sheriff’s Department. After 5 years the only protection I have is to sue you and make court record if I win or lose it is win win that you in fact harm me and my family and probably others. This could of all been handled just the way the letter reads to the service by me but due process was circumvented by Governor Rick Perry via Belinda Cardenas ‘I bought my own PHD university board of regents [Forged PHD]’

She is to me ‘the College Killing Fields’ and have documentation because she was not qualified to make any of these policies such as “Behavior that is concerning” Your behavior is concerning thousands of abuse citizens treated in the same way. Let Me Put It another way – How Can I Help You? I mean that!

SXXXXX GXXXXX Here is the retaliation from DHS They Say Have No Record Yet a Congressional investigation was done in my case? Please Forward Work and To FBI San Antonio I Spoke With Today. I also Fedx this to their office with the same and detail of events that totals in the millions of loss to me and my family and the decimation of me a disabled person who would be working if they did not retaliate. I am also a service disabled veteran.

Please respond that you received this email my email is being hacked reported to the FBI
Thank You
    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    To: "" <>
    Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 4:08 PM
    Subject: Attached Please Find both DHS Complaints That Do Fall In Your Jurisdiction
    Attached Please Find both DHS Complaints That Do Fall In Your Jurisdiction. You make claim you never received and for 1st one make a claim it does fall under your jurisdiction but it did and you were investigated by congress so please work my case and contact me soonest. The Third Attachment is to the OIG
    Gregory N. O'Dell
    1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069

Something's Take A Real Texas Cowboy gno 11/02/2013

Koch Bros.
 Private Firms Like To Identify Themselves As FBI Agents Which is another 
Gregorius Sin

Koch Brothers Industries
Welcome to Atascosa County Jail
The abuse of Elderly, Children, Disabled
If The DA or Sheriff don't Get The Koch Industries Brothers

Which of the Six DOD Veterans abused by bio-lethal interrogative torture devices is This Guy?
Did you know our family owns a Drone Business? Protected as the Private Sector by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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