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Saturday, September 6, 2014

We An’t the Police But When Terrorism Involved

Texas Surveillances 'Your Ass Is Ours'
by The Silver Bar Tribe

The Who?
Federal First Responders RICO Governor Rick Perry Gives U.S. No Respect or Pay That's Ok

by law In June of 2013, A Federal Aviation First Responder, Identified a break in National Security and worked 
with Congressman Henry Cuellar to now include Federal First Responders single point reporting with the Texas State Emergency Response System. Anyone who holds a Valid FAA certificate can now participate from any location 24/7 adding thousands of eyes and ears to our National Security Network.

Knowledgeable of the change, South Central Texans are still waiting for a complete audit to the last dime 
requested from the Texas State Comptroller spent by the State of Texas for every chase or “No-kill Flight”
coined ‘Joy-coptying’. This is not a shot at professional pilots who are triggered for a mission on orders by the DOD.  These Pilots know what they are doing and any FAA certificate holder can be a blessing if in the right place at the right time. 

Don't Understand It - Good!
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