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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Marshal Law does not mean rape pillage plunder human resources

Congressman Cuellar District 28th the Death District

Rep. Cuellar Announces Availability of Tickets for Upcoming Papal Visit

Just Ask The Bicycle Padre
Hackers Block My Blogs and sell the content

"Those Terrible Jesuit Priests "
Get No Respect
 Rio de Janeiro Connection Material Witness to Torture
"Those Terrible Jesuit Priests " a book written by Jesuit Priests so people can understand their hard labor working to serve those in need a good example is the Hogg foundation Texas see newspaper article written by the Honorable Lt. governor David Dewhurst Texas or what we have in common serving others in need.
Just Some Solutions Within The Realm of Human Reasoning
Framed and Hanging On The San Antonio Small Business Directors Wall

Congressman Cuellar District 28th the Death District

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