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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Texas International DPS Drone Shoot

1000 Shotgun Shots For Freedom Lytle Texas At Sunset 10 11 2015
Two Drones Wing Span over 48" Below Legal Altitude
Yellow Sky
The Best Coordinated Neighbored Watch 
South of the Medina River
DPS Fly Your Model Airplanes within the limits of Federal FAA Regulations
Conflict of Interest Wayne Wright Wrote the Illegal Drone Texas Laws

This Cowboy Gets Phone Calls "You Have Been Targeted For High Energy Usage" 
Bexar County Texas Homicide Ordered This Cowboy to Keep a Phone Log
 Now Has Become The Suicide Phone line That It was 5 years ago but I can't Help You Now - Jump
 Identify Yourselves as the Police or FBI or Die
FAA Rules for Model Airplanes Not Worth the Gas of police Report 
Texas 210-247-4241
But is important to Complete FBI Report Complaint Volume II by 456135816
That Discredits Private Security 
Firms Own Existence

It Is Not The First Time
Gets  Phone Calls You Have Been Targeted For High Energy Usage 
No Access To UTSA Large Kilns That 
 Should Be Targeted For High Energy Usage
How Can Santa Make The Toys For Christmas
Buy Chinese? 

This Ranch Has The Gas To Supply The Large Klin At UTSA See San Antonio SBA Director Framed and
Hanging on Her Wall
Read Ways And Means To Cut Energy Consumption by 25%
State Wide
What The Public Utilities Complaint is all about
Valero Uses It for surveillance You Pay for It
Don't Let Anybody Have Access To Your Home Unless They Have A Badge

See FBI Report - If Texas Can't Handle It the Federal Government will step in

By order of Bexar County Texas Homicide Detective 
make a Phone log
The Police can call me anytime they have my Phone Number I Am No Stranger
First Time They Used Model Airplane with Wing Span
Greater than 48" that is a Violation of FAA Model Airplane Use in Tandem over private property
October 8 2015
Let It Go Still Reporting To the FBI As Requested By Congress and The FBI

Big Difference when your family has a real drone on their tail end of their car controlled by X governor Rick Perry

Fine Bane & Co. Today I Get a Piece of them for obstructing a Terrorism Investigation
They Get Piece of You Everyday and Sell It as false Intel which makes all Bane &Co. Audit false terrorism report that is how credulous and Dangerous these people need to shut down
Does you Child attend a college or University in Texas?
It Would and Did Concern My Family
See the College Killing Fields

1000's of Texans still do not use public Facilities because the lack of leadership in Texas
No Access To Goods Service and Education

The Platform of This Election

It IS No Secret

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