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Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Named Him Friday

On That Day of The Week I Met Friday Before a Traffic Accident FISA Violations by Texas Leadership
Thursday Did That "God Bless America"

Thank You Thursday!

Summary: Chapter XXIII — I Call Him Friday

Crusoe names the native Friday to commemorate the day on which Crusoe saves the native’s life. Friday again asserts his subservience to Crusoe. Crusoe teaches him 
simple English words and clothes him. Returning together to the slaughter scene, Crusoe has Friday clean up the bones and skulls and tries to convey to his servant the horror of cannibalism. Crusoe is delighted with his new companion and teaches him to eat goat meat instead of human flesh. He realizes he must expand his grain cultivation, which Friday helps him to do.
Daniel Defoe "Still Identifying Texas Victims of Crime"

Just One? A Decade of Texas Corruption
1,000,000 kind acts could not stop the Texas Tyrants from Killing Looting and Burning Farms (Still a FBI Investigation)

Attacking applications and Private Security Firms Made a Profit off my suffering and pain while i made notes trying to remember who i was and naturally thought the lesser..........

I saw and gave personal testimony of other victims some so close and dear to me by 

Electronic Exploitation Other
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