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Monday, October 26, 2015

Then There Was This Hurricane

You got one maybe two choices (Movie Rio Diablo Kenny Rogers)
Nope! A Better Shot!
Due Process

Then There Was This Hurricane 10 22 2015

Then there was the hurricane 10.22.2015 after Ted Cruz claimed Responsibility for the Nueces Water Shed that the EPA warned Texas that the misappropriations for maintenance of small concrete and 
earthen dams will bring Damage to Oil production "Ecology Environmental Protection  and Industry fit hand in glove" (Gregory O'Dell)” along with many others contributed to the safety of the public by due process and contacting our Congressman Henry Cuellar. The old maps are still posted on a battered hacked web page

Texas Governor Rick Perry attacks on the EPA was a disaster waiting to happen, and they did one right after another;  a cost can be tied by experts to the damage of 'in action' maintained of the Nueces watershed "You can't keep the pigs out of the pork barrel" but you can prosecute them for damages 

And NSA should prosecute them for damages!

We have not had time to discuss the Medina Watershed posted in the San Antonio Light News and Express news 'Atomic Dust and Alternative Farming 1966'.

See Posting on hacked and battered web page

A motion to change the name of Natalia Texas to ‘Yellow Sky' for prosperity of those who still have not received any aid from the Hay’s Global Meltdown. 

By Forest Tucker

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