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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Covers The President’s Back

If You Feel Like John Boehner Jump!

'We The People'  Are No Easy Republican GOP Political Target
(Is The GOP Using NSA Funds To Politically Target The President?)

Well There You Go Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid Problems 
Have Just Been Solved!

Shown in some photos with his graying mop of curls tucked into a cowboy hat, Yarrington appeared as an invited dignitary at public events with Texas governors George W. Bush and Rick Perry during his own stint as a border state governor. He often visited Texas until immigration authorities told him to leave in 2012.

Pentagon Clears Sierra Nevada-Embraer Work After Protest
By Danielle Ivory - Mar 15, 2013 5:13 PM CT 
Sierra Nevada, a closely held company based in Sparks, Nevada, on Feb. 27 won the $427 million contract that initially calls for 20 light-attack planes, maintenance support and training.  The A-29 Super Tucano aircraft will be built by Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil-based Embraer. 

The military’s override of the stop-work order doesn't alter the 100-day period that the GAO has to make a decision on Beechcraft’s protest. 
The contract was originally awarded to Sierra Nevada in December 2011. The Pentagon canceled the award about two months later after Wichita, Kansas-based Beechcraft, formerly Hawker  Beechcraft Corp., sued the military over its exclusion. In February, Beechcraft lost for the second time.

Federal forfeitures cloaked in secrecy
By LISE OLSEN/Houston Chronicle
Posted:   06/01/2013 03:03:17 PM MDT

HOUSTON (AP) — In the last three years, Texan federal agents have contributed to some of the largest forfeiture cases in American law enforcement history — seizing Caribbean bank accounts,stud racehorses and luxury condos allegedly linked to organized crime activity by drug dealers, Ponzi schemers and money launderers.

But a heavy veil of secrecy hangs over the details of most federal forfeiture cases, the vast majority of which were made based on investigations that are not disclosed in public records or even reviewed in federal court.

One of their biggest grabs involved Mexican cartel leader Osiel Cardenas Guillen. In 2010, Houston-based prosecutors struck a plea deal with the 42-year-old former car thief who long led Mexico's powerful Gulf Cartel. Cardenas agreed to hand over $50 million in assets as part of his sentencing.

By 2012, the government already had distributed $29.5 million of the loot to Texas law enforcement agencies, among them Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio who told Hearst newspapers he's already spent most of his $5.9 million federal check on 13 more officers, two "sniffer dogs," vehicles, upgraded weapons and raises for everyone in the department that patrols the area closest to Cardenas' former stronghold in Matamoros.

But details of how and where the federal agents recovered the cartel chief's funds remain a state secret. Only a handful of seizures of Cardenas' helicopters, including one $1.3 million chopper found 

Inside the Shocking DEA Scandal -- Global Surveillance Tools Used to Help Arrest Americans for Small Crimes
 August 6, 2013  
"We are talking about ordinary crime" says the reporter who broke the story, not "national security crimes."

Amy Goodman:  The unit of the DEA that distributes the secret intelligence to agents is called the Special Operations Division, or SOD. Two dozen partner agencies comprise the unit, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Homeland Security. The unit was first created two decades ago, but it’s coming under increased scrutiny  following the recent revelations about the NSA maintaining a database of all phone calls made in the United States. One former federal judge, Nancy Gertner, said the DEA program sounds more troubling than recent disclosures that the NSA has been collecting domestic phone records. She said, quote, "It is one thing to create special rules for national security. Ordinary crime is entirely different. It sounds like they are phonying up investigations."

MAKE LATIN TIMES your homepage
By David Iaconangelo, Aug 30, 2013 09:36 AM EDT
The operation began in the spring of 2011, according to vocativ, after two discoveries of mass graves in northern Mexico thought to be the work of drug cartels operating there.  In one, 183 corpses were uncovered; in another some hundreds of miles west, over 200 bodies were found.  In response, the Pentagon decided to launch Lowrider, awarding an $18 million contract to Sierra Nevada Corporation only months later in which the firm would provide the planes (and surveillance equipment built into them) and the flight crews which would take them into Mexican airspace.  When one Republican congressman complained in a letter to the Pentagon about the lack of a bidding process between defense contractors, Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Maj. Gen. Edward Bolton wrote back that the urgency of the situation justified it, and called the mission "classified and extremely sensitive".  El Universal notes that a 2011 New York Times report on an agreement between US President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderón which saw US drone aircrafts flying into Mexican territory did not mention Operation

Drug Cartel Money Tied Texas Tea Party Rebellion and Insurrection of April 2009
DEA Scandal was Before Fast And Furious
Under The Bush Administration Lead by 
Texas Governor Rick Perry

“In Texas We Know How To Do It!"
(Rick Perry 2009 Texas Tea Party Convention)

"If You See Something Say Something"

Boehner Demands Medicare, Social Security And Medicaid Cuts To Raise Debt Limit

A Recent Email To The Alamo 

Gregory --

Boehner just went ballistic.

Speaking this week on the looming debt ceiling, Boehner vowed to put up a “whale of a fight” against President Obama. He’s actually threatening President Obama with this appalling choice: either agree to dismantle Medicare and Social Security -- OR risk the full faith and credit of the United States.

President Obama won’t play Boehner’s games, and neither will we.

Name: Gregory O'dell
Supporter record: 3821460517
Suggested Support: $3.00

Gregory -- we've got 3 days left to raise the $400,000 we need to fight back. Will you help us show that Democrats nationwide are united and committed to taking on Boehner and his reckless threats to destroy Medicare and Social Security?

Chip in $3 or more to fight back against Boehner before the fundraising deadline >>

Republicans are willing to throw the full faith and credit of the United States government out the window -- just to spite President Obama. And they certainly have no problem dismantling Medicare (just ask Paul Ryan). As long as millionaires and billionaires keep their tax breaks, Republicans like Boehner could care less.

It’s up to us to call out House Republicans for putting millionaire tax breaks before seniors’ health care benefits.


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You Spy I Spy Who Is Dr. Frankenstein
Or Is It I Spy You Spy?

The Tea Party founded financed by Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Koch Brothers Is Dr. Frankenstein

The Tea Party of April 2009 Died in spring of 2010 and has come to be known as "The Tea Party Rebellion and Insurrection against the citizens of the United States I"

The Tea Party of Today or Tea Party II is not the same Tea Party of April 2009 but the grass roots and funding was from illegal sources of the Tea Party I

(I have no opinion or do I know of being harmed from the Tea Party II but I know of thousands of valid criminal complaints concerning The Texas Tea Party I)

1. The Tea Party.
OC Media
Anthony J. Tarquinto Still a Virgin, Still OC
By Matt Coker Thu., Jan. 26 2012 at 9:38 AM 17 Comments
Categories: OC Media

“A couple years ago I introduced readers to Anthony J. Tarquinto and The Real 40 Year Old Virgin of Orange County, the Aliso Viejo author's self-published tome that mixes his unique lack of sexual experience with a political ideology that finds Barack Obama a threat to America. In the months since, Tarquinto has spread his "expertise" on celibacy and tea party ideology. Others are taking notice, although nothing has apparently changed his status between the sheets.”

“Tarquinto shared some of his views on an entirely different subject in a July American Thinker piece titled, "The Federal Reserve and Financial Repression." While he does not exactly call for the death of the central bank ala Ron Paul, Tarquinto sets a chain-of-events in motion that could eventually cause a run on ATMs and average Americans being unable to buy gas and Slushies. The ad next to the copy he sent has an image of Obama pointing and the words, "OH YES, YOU CAN! 21 Ways to Frustrate Obama's Army of Snoops, Busybodies, and Asset-Grabbing Bureaucrats."

2. The U.N. Inquiry Concerning Texas Voter Fraud [GOP ballots counts increase in numbers by remote control devices]

3. Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry Investments in Electronic Behavioral Control Devices

4. Texas Human Experimentation without consent that brings harm (Bush Post 911 Mandates)

5. Non-regulated Marketing Firms use any make or model including those in the Non-lethal weapons electronic arsenal to win the Romney Election but failed.

6. Federal Data Integrity is Breach to bring harm to the harmless such as VA records

7. Texas Police Swatting

8. Texas Aerospace Surveillance at low altitudes

9. Texas financial decimation of children, disabled, and elderly

10. Denied access to Federal Funds and health care entitlements

11. The use of non-lethal weapons on Texas children, disabled and elderly

12. Political Police Raids on Disabled Housing in Texas so Texas Governor Rick Perry can “show you where your tax dollars are going” which is the opposing - 75% of the disabled want to work!

13. Covert Attacks Against The Citizens of the United States
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