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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Core Human Beliefs

It's Not About Religion
Core Human Beliefs 

Crimes Against Humanity

War Crimes

The Stat-Elite Menace 



Electronic Torture

Human Exploitation

The FISA Roswell New Mexico Connection

Roswell New Mexico 1919 - 1949

Palestine Israel Peace Talks What Is Wrong With Picture

Dear Congressman Pete Gallego, I attended your DADS HHS Protective Legal Services Friday, July 19, 2013  10:30am – 1:30pm  1714 SW Military Dr., Ste. 110   San Antonio, TX 78221. I have not received an intelligent response why the justice department is not prosecuting my case against the State of Texas with all the evidence provided U.S. Department of Justice. After requesting a congressional investigation from you, I receive this letter from Senator Cornyn "On June 14, 2013, I attended the classified briefing provided to Senators by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NSA Director Keith Alexander, and other Obama Administration officials.  You may be certain that I take seriously the role of Congress in providing oversight of these programs, and that I have been and will continue to closely monitor the intelligence activities of the U.S. government.  I am always appreciative when Texans take the time to reach out and share their concerns.  Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Sincerely, JOHN CORNYN United States Senator ” 
Civil Rights Division March 30, 2013 
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W. 
Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main 
Washington, D. C. 20530 
(202) 514-0716 

11. State and Federal Student Aid Inquires to third party government agency ordered not to answer 
12. Stalked by Drone 
13. Stalked by Armed Domestic Helicopter (three killed last 4 months and Texas is the only state that they are armed) 
14. Hit by a bio-lethal electronic device 
15. The control of device in our house such as electricity and television programs used for psychological testing and behavioral control; controlled from a remote location. 
16. Loss of a small business 
17. Police Swatting 
18. Retaliating visits(s) from Human Health Services 
19. Five years of my entire extended family being stalked and retaliation 
20. Domestic surveillance of our home 
21. Sneak and peak searches of our home and small business 
22. Corruption of my business web pages due to political and religious beliefs  
Chronological Allegations and Reporting Agencies who rendered little aid over a five year period 
i. Department of Homeland Security OIG  
1(a) Case Numbers C1307209 Friday March 15 2013 
Includes Stalking by Deadly Force Aerospace and home intrusions 
1(b) Drone Stalking at low altitude 
1(c) Follow up on original case of Stalking abuse of the disables 
1(d) Original complaint contained in number 2 and previous complaint followed with the office of Victims of crimes International Terrorism Complaint (Published in newspaper) 
1(e) Complaint Against the Department of Education OCR Failed to protect us from retaliation or investigate properly  
2. Multiple counts of low stalking by deadly force domestic helicopters 
2(a) Case Numbers C1307206 Friday March 15, 2013 

Please let me know the status of my valid serious complaints thank you Gregory O'Dell

Hate Crimes for Hindu Scholars
Are Still Alive And Well In Texas
President George Bush Put a Letter
An Executive Order To Stop It
See Interview with OCR Senator Cornyn 2009
Just Another Valid Claim Dallas OCR Grivance Ignored
and not just the Victim Suffers
There families (see threats this P.c. by Fed Hackers)
All People in This Category Suffers from Hate Crimes

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