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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Texas Scrape That Horse with No Name Right Off Your Shoes

A Circus Show Cowboy

Texas Scrape Chinese Horse with No Name Right Off Your Shoes
Treasonous Traitor or Rouge Trader

He Sold Us Out for a Profit
Calls Himself a Prophet
Declares Irregular War On United States
Regulatory Agencies
Writes A Letter to POTUS Complains about Funding Texas Guard He Threatened To Use Against Us!
Never Mentions [His] The GOP Sequester  
Attacks His Own People with Texas Military Force
"Eat What [Texans] You Kill' Abbott Perry Policy
Bias Perry Judges Deny Due Process To
Texas Citizens Who Are Being Threatened By Perry Deadly Force
Rick Perry Low Altitude Drone Attack
Due Process By Any-other Name Is Violence
Join Us Peaceful Resistance
Write Your Representatives Don't Use The Web
Go Postal!
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