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Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Spy I Spy Who Is Dr. Frankenstein

Or Is It I Spy You Spy?

The Tea Party founded financed by Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Koch Brothers Is Dr. Frankenstein

You Feel Froggy Jump!

The Tea Party of April 2009 Died in spring of 2010 and has come to be known as "The Tea Party Rebellion and Insurrection against the citizens of the United States I"

The Tea Party of Today or Tea Party II is not the same Tea Party of April 2009 but the grass roots and funding was from illegal sources of the Tea Party I

(I have no opinion or do I know of being harmed from the Tea Party II but I know of thousands of valid criminal complaints concerning The Texas Tea Party I)

1. The Tea Party. 
OC Media
Anthony J. Tarquinto Still a Virgin, Still OC
By Matt Coker Thu., Jan. 26 2012 at 9:38 AM 17 Comments
Categories: OC Media

“A couple years ago I introduced readers to Anthony J. Tarquinto and The Real 40 Year Old Virgin of Orange County, the Aliso Viejo author's self-published tome that mixes his unique lack of sexual experience with a political ideology that finds Barack Obama a threat to America. In the months since, Tarquinto has spread his "expertise" on celibacy and tea party ideology. Others are taking notice, although nothing has apparently changed his status between the sheets.”

“Tarquinto shared some of his views on an entirely different subject in a July American Thinker piece titled, "The Federal Reserve and Financial Repression." While he does not exactly call for the death of the central bank ala Ron Paul, Tarquinto sets a chain-of-events in motion that could eventually cause a run on ATMs and average Americans being unable to buy gas and Slushies. The ad next to the copy he sent has an image of Obama pointing and the words, "OH YES, YOU CAN! 21 Ways to Frustrate Obama's Army of Snoops, Busybodies, and Asset-Grabbing Bureaucrats."  

2. The U.N. Inquiry Concerning Texas Voter Fraud [GOP ballots counts increase in numbers by remote control devices]

3. Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry Investments in Electronic Behavioral Control Devices

4. Texas Human Experimentation without consent that brings harm (Bush Post 911 Mandates)

5. Non-regulated Marketing Firms use any make or model including those in the Non-lethal weapons electronic arsenal to win the Romney Election but failed.

6. Federal Data Integrity is Breach to bring harm to the harmless such as VA records

7. Texas Police Swatting

8. Texas Aerospace Surveillance at low altitudes 

9. Texas financial decimation of children, disabled, and elderly

10. Denied access to Federal Funds and health care entitlements

11. The use of non-lethal weapons on Texas children, disabled and elderly

12. Political Police Raids on Disabled Housing in Texas so Texas Governor Rick Perry can “show you where your tax dollars are going” which is the opposing - 75% of the disabled want to work!

Our Children Must Pay The Price As You
Drain Our Resources? 

It Takes A Trained Eye
Just Look Up In Sky As Your Being Targeted To A Federal Government Town Hall Meeting
Most Give Up That Sparkle In The Day Post Adolescent 

  1. People living South Central Texas Could Once Depend on a passenger Rail from any city in South Central Texas
  2. The Counter Argument Concerning A Serial Killer That Used FREIGHT TRAINS is no Counter Argument if Freight Trains are Still Rolling and illegals are Still Using Them! Another blow to the Electric Border Fence. 
  3. SO! Stop Showing The Propaganda On TV To make up for the lack of Maintenance of Passenger Rail in South Central Texas!

Migration from South Central Texas Is A National Disaster

Mass Transportation 
The Economic Solution For South Central Texas - Why?

  1. An brand new automobile in 1972 cost $2,500 vs Today $20,000
  2. People living in South Central Texas Rely on Government for food because they make the automobile their highest priority.
  3. People living South Central Texas Could Once Depend on a passenger Rail from any city in South Central Texas
  4. Buses have failed disable Veterans, if veterans can not get to the hospital then everybody is left behind. The laying of new Passenger Rail track where track once lay, today  - nobody is left behind!
More later let me work on it.......... already delivered once to my congressman in 2009 

People Just Don't Read How About A Cartoon?

Family Stalked by Governor Rick Perry's Border Drone While Visiting Their 
Great Grandfathers Grave That Sits On The Biggest Oil Find In 60 Years

If This Is The Problem and It Is!

Then This Is The Solution

Start Laying Passenger Rail Today Not Tomorrow

South Central Texas The Invisible 

National Disaster

Our Children Must Pay The Price?

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

- We The People of Tejas
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