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Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't Get Mad Get Justice

Update 08/31/2013 

Tea Party Terrorist Wasted Trillions

A Decade of Rick
Perry's Corruption
Racial and
Political Profiling
No Terrorism
1000's of Texans
Jailed Without Cause
Innocent Texans
>4% Executed
Unknown Texans
Exterminated Perry Swatting

"118th person in Texas state courts to have his conviction overturned"
Texas man convicted in '81 stabbing death freed

What Should Concern Us!
The Sharing of Information At The State Level

Protected by the Original Privacy Act 1974 

Post Vietnam Era
When Sharing Is Not Caring and Can Bring Harm To The Innocent


When Sharing Is Caring Share and Share Alike

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Don’t Get Mad Get Justice: 
There Is Some Honor In The Texas Judicial System
Judge rules Texas school finance system unconstitutional
Take Action:

Complied by G. N. O'Dell 02/06/2013

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