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Friday, August 30, 2013

To Keep From Turning Red

“You Can’t Make This Shit up! 
(Guy Clark Texas 2008)
*It's The State of Texas Not NSA 

An Email From Senator John Cornyn 


“Everything our state has achieved could be ruined if liberals like Wendy Davis and Batleground Texas have their way. Pledge to Keep Texas Red and get your FREE bumper magnet today (Senator John Cornyn)!”

“Texas is under attack by the Obama Machine and we need your help to fight back (Senator Cornyn).”

This is a Texas Greg Abbott and Rick Perry Machine with orders “Eat What You Kill” and they do Kill innocent people!

Why Stick a Red Magnet on Your Bumper
When A Squadron of These Machines is on Your Ass?
I Don’t Consider Myself a Conservative but Why Stick a Red Magnet on Your Bumper When A Squadron of These Republican GOP Machines is on Your Ass?

Video Guy Clark Texas 2008 
"You Can't Make This Shit Up!"

“You Can’t Make This Shit up! (Guy Clark 2008)” See My Links:

Crimes Against Humanity Is No Game

Texas Domestic Surveillance Links Governor Rick Perry To Cocaine Cartel

A Message From Received At The Alamo

*It's The State of Texas Not NSA 

Judas Priest! Do You Know What Rick Perry 
Has Been Doing To His Own People

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I Think Any Option would be better than what has been going on in Texas over the last decade! I agree with Guy Clark You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Texas Radio And The Big Beat

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