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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dallas OCR Must Act Torture Cases in Texas Bush Mandate

Hacker Prompted
First Post 12/08/2013
Is My Phone Directly Connected to the Hackers?

Are you aware of these cases?
Texas Criminal Cases State Sponsored Terrorism Criminal Case No. 12-04720, 12-0442929 Atascosa County Texas Sheriff's Dep. Faxed To The FBI San Antonio Office By An Officer of The Law. Filed June 13 2012 Dist Atty 81th Texas, Still [8.23,2012] No Response as of date 

Charge 1. Stalking Retaliation, includes international stalking
Charge 2. State Sponsored Terrorist Threats Charge

 3. State Deployment of Bio-Lethal or Non-Lethal Weapons On Texas Citizens Charge

 4. Border Drone Stalking Deep within the State of Texas On Texas Citizens by Texas Governor Rick Perry

Thank You Gregory N. O'Dell 

Google Takes Out McAfee Site Adviser 
Paid By Republican GOP
To Block The Truth

Class Action Against McAfee

No Deal Made When It Comes To Torture
Dallas OCR You Got It
Keep Texas Honest 
Time Line Requested By Your Office

Texas Jourdanton District Court 
Criminal Torture by the State of Texas

Ex-CIA Agent David Dewhurst Could Be Called To 
Testify Under Oath
The Face of  Dr. Frankenstein 
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Three Known Victims 
Empirical Evidence
Expert Opinion
Congressional Oversight Confirmation

Atascosa County District Court
1 Courthouse Circle Dr Ste 206 Jourdanton, TX 78026
(830) 769-3750

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