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Friday, January 9, 2015

A legal Statute Made by a Moran of A Texas Governor means you pay today


Recommend these people who collect false data for profit called Hackers, Data miners, and Voyeurs receive the death penalty for falsely activating Fort Sam Houston Army Base San Antonio Texas on a photograph taken in 2003 along with the exiting United States ambassador and French family active ambassador of the Panama Embassy copyrighted and vetted by Sri Gregory O’Dell by protocol and is a Recovering Service Connected Comatose Quadriplegic Vietnam Combat Veteran Consulate Warden waiting 20 Years for a VA appeal. These Texas hackers placed many heads of state in embarrassing positions; the same position of any Consulate Warden is to avoid by any means of diplomatic embarrassments; especially during Nuclear Talks and Syrian gas leaks and to that purpose I have served and will continue to serve. 

Compounding the problem was a news release of North Korea Ships passing through the Panama Canal with Nuclear War Heads and Rockets, that place this Warden of the Consulate General Gregory N. O’Dell 456135816 appointed in proxy of the President of the United States by the Consulate General of the United States Consulate Guangzhou China, to protect the citizens of United States foreign and aboard; Gregory N. O’Dell and family, who is protected by the Brady act for acts of courage “in The Line of Fire” activated during a time of war by President Jimmy Carter and other dates may apply, were attacked and family members targeted by Greed, Political Power, and to jockey for a place in the United States Senate, sacred ground they should have never been allowed to enter. 

Again, Gregory O’Dell recommends these people, who collected false data for profit called Hackers, Data miners, and Voyeurs receive the death penalty after receiving something South Texans never get “Due Process.” 

If it pleases the President, eight nuns of the Catholic order and United States Citizens, whom have campaigned against the death penalty of innocent Texans, as well as those found guilty of death penalty charges by the state of Texas; to speak against the death penalty for Attacking an emissary of the United States Gregory O’Dell as my proxy, if or even if the Data manipulators are found not guilty of the charges; hear the voices of these fine ladies professional opinion, that may slow the blood thirsty Texas public from executing one more innocent person.  
It would please me a Hindu Guru of the highest order and a Combat veteran of the United States of America; all United States Citizens hear the San Antonio Texas Nuns unbiased opinions, lost by my family and person through the torturous acts by the State of Texas on, a Hindu Guru of the highest order, Sri Gregory O’Dell, who has been tortured beyond belief and the thought of death of my enemies is disgraceful choice, outside the declaration of war by the President of the United States for a theologian such as me a United States Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Hebrew, Baptist or any faith you please. 

This act of ignorance by the custodians of Data integrity, placed many United States Citizens in jeopardy and open the door for predatory ‘Oil Mineral Lords’ who are members of Pubic Trust Heads of State such as U.S. Congressmen, Senators, and State legislatures, known in South Central Texas as ‘QuickSliver Lords’; such as ‘Drug Lords’ the name that replaced the commodity of the problem and the solution to diplomatic stress with Mexico, addressed to the kind pleasure of the Honorable President of the United States Barack Obama, after exhausting all means of due process including watching senseless murders, arrest, attacks with deadly force, denied access to goods and services. These acts were an unnecessary ferocious intense interrogation and tortured of the People of South Central Texas with acts similar to Communist China, any civilized country of the world recognizes as torture. 

A sample photograph of a blog attached above addressed to the FBI in 2003:

“Governor Rick Perry for the General Public' See Letter to Congressman Henry Cuellar "This Public Domain Pamphlet Does not Include Federal FAA Certificate Holders" after contacting the number on the packet FEMA.”

This Volume Number II Federal Bureau of Investigation Complaint Filed by 456135816 Sri Gregory N. O’Dell by the request of Congress and the FBI, who is also a credible informant, victim, eye witness, material witness to several Terrorists acts of Mass Destruction, was denied relief, including legal representation to locate missing United States Citizens. 

Are these people your family contact Senator Cruz and Senator Cornyn U.S. Texas 

The information was always available to the custodians records the United States Secret Service, the United States Department of State, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Department of Defense, National Security, The Veterans Administration and President George H. W. Bush by Gregory’s own signature just five lines down on the Vietnam Consulate Guest log, who Sri O’Dell requested Congressman Henry Cuellar to resolve these matters in a diplomatic way, not by threat of military force that have been recorded and reported and known to Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz. 

Perhaps, they should be ordered to stand behind the Nuns as they address the nation and my anonymity is kept to a minimum as a member of the United States Embassy – You might need us again one day!    

See the forced Identification by Texas Aerospace of the manipulated picture of the dead Osama bin Laden who did tried to kill my family and my person, as my wife lay dead in the grave from the wounds, while serving in Saudi Arabia 1995. 

See Custodians of the Records: if the information comes back false contact me through the justice department as soon as possible for more prosecutions of those who committed intensive interrogation and torture of many South Texans, my family and friends, who lay in the grave unable to speak for themselves. 

At this link: 
“The Edward Snowballed Effect Reported to the FBI after Reporting a Homicide and causation”

 “Suicide reported to the FBI after Navy Seal Intelligence Officer Contacted my YouTube account AKA ‘hippytree’”

Thank you and God Bless America,

Sri Gregory O’Dell 1290 McCoy Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1965

Blame it on Texas Victims of Crime A legal Statute Made by a Moran of A Texas Governor means you pay today Gregory 456135816 Today and It Double Everyday you do not pay!
 "I am trying to be nice."

Boeing must now hire me back pay for back pay or loose all federal funds and I see Air force 1 of 2 on the ramp of my airport Gregory O'Dell Built  Boeing George Bush

CRC-32 AFD773D3 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

CRC-32 0F3E31E5 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

Gross Violation of Federal Contracts
Our Sword and Shield
Red White and Blue
Sorry VP Joe Biden Wanted To Talk No Access Veterans VARP
Good It Took this Long To Get The VA TO COLLECT MY $8,000.00 THANK YOU! Mr Gregory O'Dell is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Paradox

TANG 'em High

Whole church service watching you hack me. You are racist pigs. Hackers just convicted themselves and convicted Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry military force uses for political gain. 

How many did you kill [That is not a question i am not trying to save the world just my family 250,000 south Central Texans]. I know of few i reported to the FBI and Bexar Co. Homicide. And any sworn officer that "Saw something" and did not say something. 

And all those fine police officers you fired that help us you need to compensate them their families and rehire them - ALL One of Them That's it!

It’s a story about a man name Brady who was on terrorist target dead or alive list just like me. Brady got it with a bullet and I was blown Up five times by terrorists in several different countries.

After a year in traction the grass up to my windows seal and I notice something funny about my bill and along came a group that wanted to harm me and it was much more than a hunch that’s why we call them the Brady bunch, who is protected by the Brady act so put them the retired Brady Bunch in jail. 

ITVERP By Law Post in News Paper Free Speech?
Attack by Governor Rick Perry's Domestic Helicopters Reported

Its story about a Senator ISSA and Senator Cornyn and my own Congressman taking a secret lunch spending all of America’s wealth of a private security connected to Austin ISSAC that does not keep anybody safer and we call them the Brady bunch.

Nobody notice what went wrong when college kids started shooting around a terrorist victim like me. I went straight to the Omnibus and on to the police who were moonlighting with money that was stolen  to protect a University and terrorist victims Veterans like me not to make them and k street wealthy.

They were stealing money from our county so I reported fraud to the United States Attorney. I was on death bed dyeing and it was a bunch and I did want go feeling guilty. Then BSA got corrupted and ruins me financially, so all I have is a two dollar web site with content that better than any University BSA who Gregory O'Dell is protected by the Brady act so put them in jail. 

So by-pass all K Street’s bullshit about the price of gasoline and go directly to the two-dollar web site by a United States veteran that got blown up in five different countries who is protected by the Brady act so put them K Street in jail today!http:www//

Or why I could not attend the Joe Biden’S talk in San Antonio because SAPD is retaliating and want’s opportunity to shoot me, who is protected by the Brady act so put them in jail today!

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton paradox
Reference still no access to a federal judge to speak for myself tired of fools speaking for me, who is protected by the Brady act so put them in jail today!

Gregory O'Dell is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Paradox
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