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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Smoking Gun Still Smoking Perry Abuse of Power Treason

Private Investigation Firms Turn To Espionage Against The United States of America
Medina Co. Texas XGov Rick Perry Abuse of  Power - Treason
Medina Sheriff's Criminal Complaint To Be Prosecuted Rene Pene' Cannot Hide Anymore Police Report Number 15-00460

Watches Reruns of Gun Smoke 
"Young or Old They Always Seem To Get In Trouble When They Come to Dodge"
First post November 11/2014
Like I Told The Judge "I already Been In Your Courtroom Once and I Am Not Going Back"

I bet "a dollar to a doughnut" he is wearing a Black Hat

The Hanging Judge

When Sharing Is Caring

A Line of Distinction

"The Smoking Gun
Still Smoking"

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