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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Paradox

TANG 'em All

Whole church service watching you hack me. You are racist pigs. Hackers just convicted themselves and convicted Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry military force uses for political gain. 

How many did you kill [That is not a question i am not trying to save the world just my family 250,000 south Central Texans].

I know of few I reported to the FBI and Bexar Co. Homicide.

And all those fine police officers you fired because they "Saw Something and Said Something" and those I know who tried to help us. You need to compensate them and their family's and rehire them all.

No If's And's or But's

Disband the RICO Texas Governor Rick Perry Network They Are Still Active Domestic Terrorist
Just Give Us Our Own Statehood
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