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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MLK Day Supreme All Lower Laws Obey

This is my Blog - 
'Hey You Stay off my Cloud'
MLK So All Peoples Can Walk About Freely

The Biggest MLK Walk 2015
The Cowboy Capital of the World San Antonio Texas
Safe In High Places
Some things Take A Real Cowboy

ADA Complaint Valid Work My Case 06152013 Don't Work Me Over
Always Trust Your Dog
Bank Safe In Higher Places "The Bank Shared It You Bare It"

Disabled Veterans Safe In Higher Places

City Water Lowest On The Surveillance Hierarchy of Command

4:00am 01/14/2015 
Trespasser Turns off Water
"How Did The Water Company Know?"

This Is Not A Question
or is this:

Texas Attorney General 
Ken Paxton Paradox 
 'The Texas Tea Party' 
are Real International Terrorist 


You Can Question The FBI On This

 Filed In A Texas Court of Law 

And Reported The FBI
Three known targets with empirical evidence 2005-2014

October November 2007

"The FBI Helped Gregory O'Dell and Family and 
I Am Sure They Will Help You"
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