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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Senator Darrel Issa Is Stupid More Mo Town News

There are GOP CIA MIT geeks that are stupid - 
Robotics Kill 

"Love Is Power But Torture Goes On Forever"

They Stab I.T. with their steely knives and still 
Can't Kill the Beast

SAPD Just Prisoners of Their Devices
"Every Transmitter is a receiver and every receiver is a Transmitter"
Classified Information Transferred over State Lines to California
Private Security Firms Take Them Out Now!

No Wonder The City Manager Get's Paid More The SAPD They Still Don't Get It

Is Politically Correct More Mo Town News Texas
Is Politically Correct 

We all praise rationality but seldom do we apply the same criteria in the quiet of our own minds.
Neither Left or Right

The Handicapped of  Texas 'Disabled' By a Expressed Constitutional Term
"By 2/3 rds Vote In Congress Remove the Disability" 
See Congressional 'Handicap' Committee 1997
Removed The Sporting Term of Competition

Texas Disabled Have Sat On Side Line for 17 Years
ACLU By 2/3 rds Vote In Congress Remove the 'Disability' 

This “moving into” is a natural state of human consciousness synchronized to the twilight moment of the experience. Just as the most advanced technologies of earth are guarded from the profane, so too exists an hierarchy of command common to Texas. 

If we analyze the essential features of the way we speak and the way we think, we can easily identify and redefine words or phrases of a particular cultural emphasis, which predetermine our opinions.

In other words, by applying a few principles of Linguistics, the way we speak, to the way we think, we can, with little effort, loosen the bonds of cultural control, guaranteeing our right to freely reason on our own.

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