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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Verizon on The Texas Sunset CP Number Crime Stoppers Don't Pay

Texas Public Utility CP2015010767 Retaliation by the Texas Tea Party - Arson reported at earlier Date on TV Crime Stoppers Don't Pay 

Pizza from the Gaff 
*Still Waiting for My Settlement 2007 Microsoft vs Verizon Given to Greg Abbott not the victim Your letter sates "What would satisfy the problem?" Pay the money back will call Monday

Communications Cut 6 weeks Over Holidays electric and water sporadic By X-Gov. Rick Perry Violation of Bail while I was reporting deaths of his own crew members.

01 26 2015 See Sheriff Soward Atascosa County Texas Waiting on Complaint Number I  Left to Medina County in a Hurry No Problem!  OCR Dallas ridiculous letter that should be shown on bulletin boards across America - I can't! They change the wording on their letter to protect their Christmas holiday and eat cookies and cakes while people die no citing or posting of letters. This is not a citation 

San Antonio Cyber Security Is A Waste Of State and Federal Dollars The last 48 hrs. they stolen Federal VA documents and Medical Documents to Cover Their Tracks While The Fed's Leave on Christmas Vacation 


The Worlds Smallest Electric Guitar Goes Global

The 'End of Days' Ahead

•    U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, sits down for a conversation on immigration reform, border security and congressional gridlock at the UTSA Downtown Campus in San Antonio. For those unable to attend, we will livestream the event at noon.

Is he Red or is he Blue?
The Texas Governor's Geeks That Stole Christmas Elderly and Children
Perry Steals Again the FBI does Nothing

"Love Is Power But Texas Torture Goes On Forever"
Texas SAT Black Ops Nuked
There is No Justice In Texas

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