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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Marsha and the Brady Bunch

The Brady Act Grows to Become A Killer
OIG Complaints against UT Material and Substantial and the Extortion of VA Entitlements
I am not only due astronomical damages from UT and The OCR Dallas but Reward Money for a Valid Whistle Blower Compliant as well as all the other OIG hotline complaints including the unnecessary death of 250,000 people by Texas Governor Rick Perry and others such as 'Merck Medco Blue Cross' now subdivide to keep the DOJ from filing criminal
indictments against Merck .... Not all inclusive.

Rest assured some of the money will be use to help those abused by Texas while making a profit for Santa Claus on this Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas Texas!

Mom: "Why Tommy where can I find you? They could kill you!

Tommy: Nah! Mom We Busted Them

Tommy : Remember That Nice Judge That Came to Our Homes? He may not be judge very much longer. He Does Not practice what he teaches:
The Private Brady Bunch Attacks Ssgt O'Dell Wrong Hospital
While I Watching After an MS Patient  in San Antonio
MIT Time for some Pro Bono Work Give It To Bexar County Texas  Homicide
They thought this moto was funny after i pickup a dead corpse
"To serve my Country Again, i need not pickup a rifle, I will pickup a friend"

Tommy "I will be all around in the dark; I will be everywhere wherever you can look. Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I will be there.

Wherever there is a cop beating up on a guy, I will be there. I will be in the way guys yell when they are mad. I will be in way kids laugh anytime they are hungry and they know super is ready.

And when the people are eating the stuff they raise, and living in the houses they build,
I will be there too (Grapes of Wrath)!"

Death Valley Days coming Next Week
"Nothing Dies Harder Then A Federal Program"
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