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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Texas Elderly Combs the Beach for Misappropriated Funds

Texas Elderly Combs the Beach for Misappropriated Funds
“Most Ever Property Returned” to the wrong people

Historic Abuses of The Power of The Governor of Texas
Make Your Own List
It’s happened Before! 

“Texas Governor Rick Perry Writes the Biggest Hot Check in Texas History (Combs)”

“Texas Governor Leaves tar tracks leading from Houston Command Center to BP oil Spill”

Nobody Likes a Snitch but Everybody 
Honors a Whistle-blower

As an Aviation Maintenance Manager, I can tell you the best piece of legislation for in flight safety is contributed to the “Whistle-blower Act!" I do not know about other industries but we the people responsible for you’re in flight safety, jump when a Whistle-blower makes an allegation and say "Thank You God We Might of Killed Someone!" 

If the allegation is shown to be bogus or not factual we still say "Thank God our corporation Quality Assurance Program works!" In the case of aviation workers we would never retaliate against people or persons that keeps us awake with alerts that ensures the lives of our customers and employees are not harmed by our own hands in the name of profit!

While searching for my oil rights in La Salle County Texas, the public noticed a posting of the “Whistle-blower Act!"  required by law on the employee bulletin board. At the top of the posting, boxed in with a black background with large white lettering printed at the top of the Whistle-blower Blower Act!" above the caption reads:

Nobody has right to remain silent when the smoke stack can be seen from 50 Miles away!

This is what caused the BP fire in 2005 in Texas City, The Fuel Farm Fire Annex for Kelly / Lackland AFB [ Called In by  Dr. Dolittle on the Hill ] in 2010, and the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. CNN reporters tried to interview oil clean-up workers on Gulf Coast Resort Beaches but not one person spoke to the press, now we know why! 

In order to read the “Whistle-blower Blower Act” required by law to be posted and accessible to all employees, the State of Texas uses the Miranda Act "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you" 

False In Some Cases It Is Your Duty - to kick howler and scream and to threaten anyone that thinks about reporting a legitimate safety concern with arrest and prosecution with large black lettering of the Miranda act - Is a crime! 

By The Conrad Hilton of Global Airports
"You Been Their I Built It"
The Tea Party are Not the Elite of Texas They are Fraudsters Data Mining Thieves, who pay college students to steal - see MIT.

Report: BP ultimately responsible in Gulf spill
AP Associated Press
By DINA CAPPIELLO - Associated Press,HARRY R. WEBER - Associated Press | AP – 1 hr 7 mins ago

A key federal report goes further than other investigations and puts ultimate responsibility on BP for the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history and the deaths of 11 rig workers, especially regarding the cement seal that was put in place the day before the explosion that triggered the spill.

The report, released Wednesday, said in the days leading up to the disaster, BP made a series of decisions that complicated cementing operations, added risk, and may have contributed to the ultimate failure of the cement job.

Other companies also shared some of the blame, according to the report............

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