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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scott Walker Tells It Like it is Victims of Texas Know

Not Behavioral Control Scot Walker Suspect Exploitation of his own People 

The 2016 White House Ticket

Scott Walker “People are afraid to say anything” I have valid sworn documents delivered to 5 Texas counties that shows they are afraid to say anything. I am already wanted dead or alive by terrorist so what difference does it make for me. Because all federal systems failed To Report Terrorism see OCR  06-15-2031.

Victims have no political agenda but wait until Somebody Says It.

Texas victims of crime retaliated for many years and Texas lost money because in the case of Terrorism and Reporting Bio-Hazards“The victim(s) has earned rewards entitlements that pay for themselves.” Money too be paid both the State but not without the victims payments first.
Just one example hacked from the DOJ
Reported To The Texas Atatascosa County Sheriff Sherman Before Soward "I was found dead on the floor" Reported to the Wilson District Attorneys Prosecuting attorney and Judge Reyes outside of her office who profited and played a part in this scam that kill so many people that the mortality rate spike 250,000 actual count does not count those who suffered from complete organ failure. 
See the following article blocked from me by paid hackers of Texas Today:

One of those counts is among the worse form of exploitation and considered torture by the laws of the United States America 1997 Geneva Conviction such as the use of lasers to blind the enemy.  The capability to hit the Somatic Domain has been known for at least 40 years and it was witness by me on primates and referred by me to letter to the Honorable Attorney General Eric Holder or why 'Voter Fraud'  is the reason Republicans GOP attacked his honorable position. See programmers in the witness protection program.

Ethnography It Is Not To Please. It is A Documentary of Events If you Like It or Not. It is also evidence saved as instructed by the FBI*. 

Known to programmers who are in the witness protection program. My knowledge makes a me a protected witness to terrorism foreign and domestic.”

(Just one example)

Article Begins Here:

“The report comes in response to a complaint filed in March by a left-leaning group, Alliance for a Better Utah. That complaint alleged that Swallow's disclosure forms contained twelve violations. Ultimately, the lieutenant governor's office deemed three of the allegations worthy of further investigation.”

“Earlier this year, Johnson accused Swallow of helping broker a 2010 deal where he believed he was to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) $600,000 to make a federal investigation go away. The Tribune first reported on Johnson's allegations in January, just days after Swallow was sworn in to office. Swallow denied any wrongdoing at the time.”

Scott Walker “People are afraid to say anything” I have valid sworn documents delivered to 5 Texas counties that shows they are afraid to say anything. 

Valid Report Easy Trick by Electronic Use to Scare the Victim but the Rifle is what scared me the most:

Terror “You were supposed to keep us inform if something goes on down there”

Terror “Than the lights in the bunk house go out”

Victims Head: Boom!

02 09 2015 Thank you San Antonio CPS for confirming that this is done to victims and just a law of physics. When [ Valero ] they pull the trigger. See assault by electronics victims of crime arrive and signed by Ken Paxton Victims of Crime Department no return phone call. 

*Vallero where the fired SAPD Police Chief Came From More Mysterious than Area 51 but it is far more terrifying because it is a Private Firm. Protected from disclosure by Greg Abbott little Red Book.

Do you know if your neighbor works for Vallero?
Do you buy gasoline from Vallero?
How Long Do I Have To Keep This Junk In My House

*The FBI Requested I save all evidence and have 

Texas Victims of Crime:

False Statement:  In Five Texas Counties this statement is false "If you need help completing this application, contact your local law enforcement agency’s Crime Victim Liaison or your District Attorney’s Victim Assistance Coordinator. The Crime Victims’ Compensation staff is also available to help by phone, or you may access our website at to find more information on this program."

False: Texas cannot protect you from the abuse of going on-line, so why use the website while illegal discovery is hacked from you storage system in your own home. Hackers in system now 10:29 and no protection from the state of Texas.

False Appeals: The Texas Disabled do not stand or speak in court for themselves; hence why we pushed through congress for the return of the term ‘Handicapped’ because the term ‘Disabled’ shows abuse of citizens as if they have no rights at all still waiting for OCR complaints to be processed see OCR 06-15-2031.
Note: Adapt Does Not Represent the Disable 'We are a Free Able Bodies of Individuals' HHS Hired a spoke person to lead for us see statement just one example below:

Texas Senator Carlos Uristie spoke for me, without my consent. He could of invited me to his 'free lunch' with HHS, while i was forging for potatoes under military attack in South Central Texas. Whenever you see the term ‘collaborated’ something unjust of illegal is going on to the persons not present. 

When The Victim and State are Due Rewards:

There is No place on the Texas Victim of Crime form to indicate that the victim rewards amount to several billion dollars. In other words the victim has earned rewards entitlements that pay for themselves.
No Help No Way For any Victim of Crime to Process These Claims Catch 22. Begs the question who gets the money Houston Se?

Why We Contact The FBI We Have Too!

ii. The philosophical problem solved revealed the use of such devices on United States Citizens. Removed from the eyes of high school kids and below. 

The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling

The only recourse you have is to contact the FBI and or the Secret Service and in this case I have that includes homicide, somatic domain invasion by Scott Walker, manslaughter, and retaliation like a Russian Court injects the victims with toxic medicine. 

In Texas you have the option to contact the President of the United States if the Senator(s) fails to respond or worse they are the part of the retaliations. No! “The sky is not falling” we are talking about real assaults, military attacks and electronic attacks by the state of Texas.” 

Denied Access to Goods, Services, and education in the United States of America
Financial Decimation is known to all investigators, FBI and CIA concerning this UTSA academic work. See DOJ web site hacked. 

Chapter 6
The Sea Gypsies

The sea gypsies ignored the conversation gathered here and there around at least eight thirty foot hand carved [word of the timber that stretches from bow to stern] and the plants pegged or dove cut without nails, fishing boats which they lived their whole lives with an occasional beach reunion for weather or a repair of fishing nets or to trade the catch with the local fish mongers. The term gypsies came from a Thai trying to tell me in broken English that these people live off the sea and have no place they call their home, and I said, “You mean like sea gypsies,” and he said “yes, yes, yes of course.”

I have known of many other cultures that live in boats, such as the east coast of China, and was told that the daughters never step foot on land outside of marriage. And there are cultures that live on junks, such as the mooring of Hong Kong, mostly unusable except they do float as floating communities forever moored in the same place which are these peoples’ homes because they cannot afford an apartment or a home. I guess we could include the ………….

PHD MA Professional IT Experts 
Community Service
First Post Cyber Monday 12 01 2014
Take Them Hackers Out!

We Salute You

Mission 'No Code No Hackers'

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