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Friday, February 6, 2015

What The was looking for ~ Edward Snowden

The Snowmen of the 'Texas HE'


A Paramount Mountain To Climb
You Got To Go There To Find It Not Sit In Front of A PC and Steal The Work of G N O'Dell
Wrongly Named The White-brother hood By M.B. Secret Doctrine
The Ancient Masters 
The Elders  of the Fare East not Religious Belief 
"Religion Get's In the Way of Scientific Research (See Valid ADA Complaint)"
The Guy That Takes Out Public Enemy Number 1

What Spalding was Looking For and Could Not Find
You Got To Go There To Find It Not Sit In Front of A PC and Steal My Work
What We Found And Have Not Published Or Placed on Any Electronic Device

Preliminary Video My Family was Attacked To Stop Us from Writing of Producing Anything Afterward the posting of this video 

Criminal Complaint against X Governor Rick Perry I Have Been Waiting for a VA Appeal Board due All Veterans for 15 Years LaSalle County Texas
This Veteran Looses Another $8,000.00 ADA Retaliation
Ancient Library That Does Not Fall Under
The Library Act* In Lhasa Tibet
More Freedom In a Communist Country Than Texas
*The Tea Party is Communism that is illegal in the State of Texas

Never Looking Back To See If My Friends Had Followed The Right Path
To The FBI To Report Terrorist Activity
Don't Understand It?
*Good The FBI Does

Kens5 Gannet News Owned by ? Report of the Day
SAPD Dealing Dope within 200 yards of School
"A Snitch In Time Saves Nine (Benjamin Franklin)"

*Phone Call from Amanda Blake for Women with Cancer 02/05/2015

"Sorry I [Phone] am taped out"
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