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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Files Criminal Charges while Fishing Expired License

I wrote myself "The Ticket"

Swatted Two Times 
Atasosa County Texas 
Who Jurisdiction is It?

"Ordered Out of Corpus Christie The Police Said We Do Not Need To File With Neueces Sheriff's Office
See Port A Report number 201500000"

A good example: "When Sharing is Caring"
"When Cherry Picking is Obstruction of Justice"

 First Case Texas Reported VARS
2010 - 2015
I Still Hold Electronics for Evidence
When Can I Throw This Stuff Away?

Operation Brush Country

Military Drones under X Texas Governor Rick Perry, again; Perry Creates Public Panic and censors the press blames the Obama Administration while Undue Circus Show Senate Investigations Obstruct FBI Terrorism Investigations and place victims,
witnesses, and informants in harm’s way.

That's what Hackers get for copying Ted Lavenders Notes while not connected to the internet

CPS Vallero Checked This Out 02/10/2015

Electronic Attack Blows Up Lamp No Mysteries Here
How Many Others How Many Children

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